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  1. Can anyone recommend somebody for Aire & Calder - nearer to Goole than Leeds for a Pram Cover/Cruiser Stern cover? Thanks
  2. The other option is not to use 'LED' replacement lamps, as in MR16 etc but to fit an actual LED down light. This kind of thing with a switch offers even more flexibility http://www.scsmicrofreeview.co.uk/scs-led2250-21-172-p.asp and seems widely used in caravans/motor homes.
  3. That would make sense, think I'll take it to bits and see what we find. Thanks.
  4. Blew a fuse today, on the lighting circuit. When I went to replace it seems I have 1 x 7.5A and 1 x 3A in the fuse holder set up, both rated 32V? Surely this can't be right and if I'm changing them to 12V do I just multiply the Amp rating by 2.75?
  5. Ok, still can't find a leak....but.....if I turn off the water supply to the pump, no problem. My thinking would be that if the 2-3 second running every 20 seconds or so is caused by a leak then turning of the water to the pump shouldn't stop the problem. If the pump running is caused by a drop in pressure on the outlet side why would cutting off the input pressure make any difference?
  6. I'd be a taker for one of them as well..... shall be having words with my friendly welder this weekend....
  7. Thanks Richard. Pretty sure we've no dripping taps, just re-fitted the bathroom but the fault/noise was there before then. I'll check the galley taps for leaking at the weekend when I'm back at the boat. Everything appears dry around the pump itself. Not come across a cabin bilge........ Would it need to be a significant leak? Would have thought we'd come across some other tell tale signs?
  8. I can't add anything to the above, but do have a question on the topic of Water Pump if you don't mind me hi-jacking the thread When I have power on to my pump, it at regular intervals splutters/vibrates/rumbles etc. When taps are open, it works absolutely fine in both hot and cold, turn the taps off and I reckon every 10=15 seconds it has a moan????? Any thoughts please?
  9. Would appear to be sorted.......simple battery isolator switch fault. I do need to take a photo of the box with the LED's though and put this on for some information as to what it does/should do etc! Many Thanks to all for the different things to try.
  10. Thank You, will get the meter out over the weekend and have a look. Would a poor negative also tie in with the leisure battery alternator not kicking in (Although I guess it may be thinking there is enough juice in the leisure batteries and isn't required if I'm getting a good reading at the batteries) Cheers
  11. Thanks Sir Nibble, can you expand at all? The more things I have to try the better!
  12. Has anyone ever gone from a Dump through to a cassette? I'm thinking pump out, good dose of blue and plenty of water to rinse and then pump out again. The new cassette toilet will be placed in alternative position and then old hole covered with new flooring. Can anyone see any issues with this?
  13. Thanks. A bit more info. There is a seperate battery for starting the engine. There is no shore power, but I do have a Ring Booster pack which works as a 300W inverter and from this I can plug in a battery charger and put the output from that into the 12V circuit. This however isn't how it always was. Originally, things appeared to work fine, though I did once leave the central heating pump on and probably completely discharged the leisure batteries. The second alternator wasn't receiving an instruction to kick in and charge the batteries (it seemed that was due to such a low voltage in the leisure batteries) but if I put some charge into the system via the aforementioned battery charger then the alternator would kick in. This no longer seems to be the case, putting the charge in isn't firing up the alternator now? Yesterday I managed to borrow some 240V from the shore and had this in for a few hours. As mentioned, the leisure batteries were reading over 12V on the meter but I was getting no life from any 12V equipment? I'm hoping to get out and about on the boat soon to give it plenty of work, which may or may not help. I've no idea what the box is which has 'LED' indicators, these have never lit up and looking at the various cable colours coming from it, they may correspond to some of the loose cables in the engine bay (Appear to come from that direction). Cheers
  14. Can anyone recommend somebody to sort my electrics? Based on stainforth-keadby canal at present. Two leisure batteries, both showing 12+V with meter. No problem starting engines. All electrics work when hooked up to mains (12 & 240V), though 12 appears to only work when a battery charger is putting voltage in to the 12V loom. Can't think of anything logical! There is an inverter, also a 4 LED display thing which has never shown anything and a number of non connected wires in the engine bay.
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