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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Burscough, constant drizzle & rain since 6 this morning, but on the plus side we're moored outside the ring o bells all day, waiting for the grandaughter to arrive, then to the pub for lunch.
  4. The only thing grim up north today is the weather.
  5. Today's update (if you're, bored please say) Wigan flight 3 hours twenty mins, paired up with a 60.5 boat (thanks Jenny & dave). Wet feet twice no drama. But 60 foot boat had to make sure all doors and engine hatches were well sealed. Now outside the ring of bells, only badly leaking locks were appley & dean & lock 87 outside the c&rt office with gates that wouldn't stay shut.. You really should not come up north.
  6. have this problem a lot with classic & vintage cars we look after. If it starts ok when left to go cold, probably the condensor. If you can get a replacement try & find new old stock, as we've had had loads of failures with new ones. ( all Chinese copy's no matter what box it comes in)
  7. Had that happen at Eturia in stoke a couple of years ago. Never realised I could do the full length of a boat, close all the windows & get back to the helm so quickly. ( upside. The boat was very clean afterwards)
  8. Well time for an update. (No signal yesterday) Burnley no probs, canal into Blackburn a lot of crap about, had to visit the weed hatch twice. ( do travis Perkins supply all the bags on our prop) Only one moving boat all day. Today total grid lock, 4 moving boats all day. ) As for the locks we are on a 58.5 boat doing most of the locks on our own, yes the back deck has got a bit wet on occasion but what are bilge pumps & water proofs for. Now moored at red rock ready for the assault on the Wigan flight in the morning.
  9. Having gone from barowford locks to rishton today, it's orrible, the local todlers want to wave at you as you enter & leave the bridges, the local teens complete with cans of cheap lager are the worst, they want to ask you wot a boat like that costs, can you hire one & how much. The fishermen are even worse, they want to have a laugh with you & then ask if you will give it a good handfull to stir up the fish for them. As for the weed hatch, checked it this morning before setting off, never looked at it since! Strange thing though, set off this morning with another boater at the locks, after they moored, we've only seen 2 other moving boats in 11hours of cruising. It's like having you're own private canal. You really don't wan't to come up north!
  10. Cheers By-Eck & Jonathan A for your reply's it looks like Burnley's favourite Andy
  11. Cheers for the reply, but we're coming from barnoldswick, heading to Liverpool, so I,m afraid the wrong direction.
  12. Slightly of topic, but can anyone recomend the best place to moor overnight near Nelson & a pub close that does decent food & real ale. Cheers Andy.
  13. No problem hirers doing the Liverpool link, The company we are using even arranged the booking for us.
  14. Just a question to people who have done this route, do most people moor up at handcocks bridge the night before to wait for c&rt for the 9.00 start, or do they moor elsewhere & motor in? Swmbo (a native) says its not the best area. We are doing the link in June, if any one else on here is going in on 16 June, please let me know. Cheers.
  15. Apologies accepted. But no need, we all have our opinions. But as someone who went that way for the first time I was so surprised by the place & disappointed. But such is life.
  16. Would like to state that I my have worded my first post badly, with ref to the safety I was only stating how it looked & how I felt at that particular moment. If I,ve caused offence I apologise particularly to Alan Fincher who seems to have taken offence & seems to want to make a point. As I have been a member of this forum for a while & followed a lot of Allan's posts with respect for what he has to say I find this surprising. But as a first time poster, I don,t see the point in posting an opinion any moor if this is how people react. Andy B
  17. Nothing happened, just found the area depressing especially the smashed up narrow boats with people on them in the cutting below the moorings opposite college cruisers (read deliverance). It seemed a shame as it was our first time in the area, just felt like Oxford had turned it's back on the canal, whereas Banbury seemed to make a distinct effort.
  18. Did this last June, moorings we're busy, but very disappointing. Found Banbury much nicer & safer.
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