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  1. Well I`ve decided to go with the larger cable, it seems to make sense to keep things as simple as possible. Really appreciate the discussion and replies, Many thanks to all. Phil
  2. Tony, just one last question, well two actually, am i right in thinking that these fuses should be at the battery end of the cable run? also, is there any need to fuse near the inverter as had been done with the old combi installation? many thanks Phil
  3. Thanks Tony, Victron advise a 400 amp megafuse does that sound about right?
  4. Hi all, I`m going to be fitting a Victron 3000 inverter soon and could do with a little advise regarding cable size. Reading the Victron manual they advise using 90mm​2 cable for runs up to 5 mtrs and 120mm​2 for runs between 5 and 10 mtrs, my run is between 5 and 6 mtrs. At present I have 70mm​2 cable, as the inverter has 2+ and 2- terminals would it be possible to run another 70mm2 cable along side the original giving a total area of 140mm ​2​ ? If so I presume both positive cables would need to go through the same battery isolator but be individually fused, at present there is a 250 amp fuse fitted, so I would need to fit a similar one in the new cable. Any advise would be much appreciated. Phil
  5. Looks a tad worn, at least it wasn't too hard to diagnose
  6. Thanks Richard, I suppose I should have known but it was a surprise for me to find that MES had changed hands, nice to see the customer service can still be relied upon. Phil
  7. Thanks a lot Richard, spoke to marine engine services late this afternoon and i will order the parts in the morning, appreciate your help. How would I know which thickness gasket is required, does it depend on the date of manufacture?
  8. Thanks for the reply`s, as an update, my son came to the boat today to have a look and informs me that although the oil looks like it is coming from the small hole, it is coming from above which is directly behind the pulleys. ​Looks like the crankshaft seal needs replacing, anyone know how difficult changing the seal may be? also any tips would be more than welcome.
  9. The oil level was too high, I suspect it has been like that since the last service ( the engine doesn't get run very often) the level is now between the marks on the dipstick but oil is still leaking.
  10. Can anyone offer some advise on an oil leak I`ve found on my Lister lpw4, after running the engine oil appears from a hole directly under the crankshaft pulley. I thought it may be pressure release and so checked the oil level and sure enough had to remove over half a pint to get the level right. After running the engine again the same problem occurred, am I right in thinking the hole is for pressure release? if not any ideas. Many Thanks
  11. philsimo


    Thanks for that, all information gratefully received especially regarding safety.
  12. philsimo


    Doorman that`s interesting, i `ve got a morso squirrel stove and intend to use coal on it, can you tell me what these inserts are and where i might get them? Thanks for the tip regarding the washer,well worth knowing.
  13. My apologies for taking so long to reply to your question Ally, this is the first time on the forum in the last two weeks. Everything went really well until i found that although i could engage reverse gear there was a lack of engine revs to stop the boat, after a slight collision we came to rest on one of the hire boat pontoons where the problem was soon rectified with an adjustment on the linkages. Thanks Tree and Puddlejumper for the good wishes.
  14. At last the time has come and i shall be a boater come Friday. For the last 2 years i`ve spent every spare minute fitting out my 65ft narrowboat and the launch is on Friday at Mercia Marina,if you`re over that way say hello,i`ll be the one with panic stricken face and no finger nails. I would like to say thanks to the forum i`ve learnt a lot just by reading the posts,other thanks must go to XR & D Boatbuilders for an excellent shell,Ally and Neil at Beacon Boats for there help and advise and Mark (NB Willawaw) for the design of the electrical systems. Does anyone know if its possible to pick up a licence in person as i don`t think there`s time to do it by post, and the marina office said it must be licenced before it can go in the water?
  15. I`m going to fit a twin wall flue for a morso sqirrel stove this weekend, and was wondering if anyone can tell me what distance the ceiling should be cut back from the flue to be safe? Thanks Phil
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