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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. All, It will have been noticed by some of you that I haven't been on here recently. Unfortunately with work, volunteer work, planning my wedding, moving house and generally having a social life, I don't have anything like the time I used to have to work on this site. This has left the rest of the site crew in a very difficult position because they haven't been able to contact me or rely on me to make decisions that really should be made by the person that runs this site. There is a massive amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this place running, and at present I feel that I am holding back the development of the site as I simply can't keep up with it. When this site started in 2001 it was meant as a bit of fun and I can't believe that 9 years later the site is still going strong and has grown to have as many members as it does. I am hugely proud of this achievement and I would like the site to continue to grow, develop and get better and better. It is clear that I no longer have the time to maintain the efforts required and as a result, I have decided to step down from the site host role with immediate effect. I have asked Daniel (DHutch) to take over from me in this role, and I have handed full ownership, control and responsibility for the site over to him on the proviso that the site continues to offer a safe, fun and free environment for the community to discuss waterway related issues. I wish Daniel the best of luck in this role. I would like to thank all those who have supported me and the site over the years either as members of the site crew or just as members who have continued to post and contribute. I have really enjoyed my work on here and hope that you all continue to enjoy using the site for years to come. I will still be around and pop in from time to time, but in the meantime, farewell! Many thanks, Jon
  3. Zoe - any more news? Jon
  4. Try now, link should work in above post. Jon
  5. Hmm, works for me - wait one....
  6. I have put together a poster that can be printed, put in boat windows, shop windows etc and is attached below. Many thanks, Jon Download poster
  7. Thanks, just for the sake of clarity, do we know which force that crime number is for? (Would assume West Mids but don't want to guess). Also, does anyone have any local knowledge of any other boats going by the same name in the area as the sighting? Is it possible it could be a well intentioned false positive sighting? Possibly, but I seem to remember that the man who took Holly was on his own? I think that we all need to give the owners a break, and likewise tempers need to calm down from bothsides. Clearly it is a difficult time for the owners, but bickering between members on here doesn't help anyone. Tom & Caroles daughter, what's your name? it feels very impersonal just referring to you as just ' Tom & Carole's daugther'. Jon Also, would people make use of a poster to download that can be pinned in pubs/shops/boat windows?
  8. While I can understand why some people have been suspicious, I think the benefit of the doubt should be given. We now have most information we have asked for, and it will be up to the Police to get involved if anything is not right. In the mean time, lets concentrate on trying to find the boat (the best way that we can help). Yep, must be the same boat, and I've added the new photographs to the announcement. I've merged the new topic and the existing one together. It will be much easier to have all the incidents in the same place so please keep posting here. Tom/Carole, the only information we need now is a Police incident number please. Many thanks, Jon
  9. Right, I've posted an announcement at the top of all forums regarding this boat. I will try to keep it up to date as possible. The Police are unlikely to be able to do more until the boat is located, so lets keep eyes and ears open. Tom/Carole, Please could you supply the following information to assist us in locating this boat: - The description of the hirers (this worked wonders last time, it's a way of firming up identification of the boat incase it has been changed or altered) - The Police crime or incident number, and the force investigating its theft (therefore people who can't contact you can contact the Police directly). If you would like me to put together a poster with pictures etc then please let me know. Many thanks, Jon Belcher Site Host
  10. I am closing this thread to prevent confusion - it has been continued here Thanks, Jon
  11. Thank you those who reported the offending post above (now removed). The member has now been removed from the site on a permanent basis. Many thanks, Jon
  12. After some confusion and queries, I am bringing this back to the top to make sure that all members are aware of our policies. Many thanks, Jon
  13. Now completed, hopefully should stop the constant spam problem of late. Many thanks, Jon
  14. All, I will be installing an upgrade tomorrow night with a view to preventing some of the spam messages that we are constantly getting. Please be aware that this may cause some minor outages while it takes place. Many thanks, Jon
  15. Can you see any pictures at all, on other websites too? If you have a firewall try turning that off. I take it you can see all the site controls such as the add reply button? Jon
  16. Hi Keith, Can you copy and paste a link to a topic where you are having a problem? Many thanks, Jon
  17. Here we go again! I'll put a forum wide announcement up shortly, and also see if we can get some better posters done like last time.
  18. You misunderstand me. I've never been there or even heard of WCBS before this thread, however I was making a point that there is clearly a distinction between WCBS volunteers, and those general 'drunks' (using the same word that has been banded about in this thread) who are in no way realted to WCBS who happen to frequent the same area. That was the point I was trying to make. As for last years thread, I obviously haven't seen that one. In light of the other topic here I'm going to close this thread to prevent duplication.
  19. I've read through the whole of this topic now. I think it is safe to say that the following has been established: 1) People have different views on the basin - fair enough, each to their own. 2) There are 2 different kinds of people, the volunteers and the drunks. 3) John hasn't responded to this topic for a couple of days, lets let the the heat simmer down shall we? 4) Moderators do need to watch this topic, and will intervene where necessary. Let's leave the personal stuff. Any more constructive additions to this debate?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Just to add to this, if you host your blog locally (ie on this site) then it shows on your profile by clicking on the 'Blog' tab in the main profile page. I agree with Daniel, if you wish to add a link to a blog on your profile, you can link to an external website, you can also put it in your 'About Me' section too. Jon
  22. Can't make it this year I'm afriad, last year I was there with WRG, can't believe that was a year ago! Hopefully it will be less muddy for you guys this year!
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Hi Gibbo, I've not had any message from you, but I'm happy with this post. It's not advertising, it's about product development, however please ensure that the specifics are kept in private, Many thanks, Jon
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