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Where to berth

Posted by David walgrove in David walgrove's Blog, 22 January 2017 · 65 views

I am researching where to berth ( boat not yet bought ) and as I am an active golfer . I want to be close to a good course. Devizes Marina ( is it good ) with Bowood G C is a great mix. Does anyone have any other sound advice?
And while I'm doing my first blog ever....am I right in saying the right configuration is .......cruiser stern re being very socia...

In search of the typhoon from toole's wolvohampton

Posted by Gibbo1997 in Gibbo1997's Blog, 25 September 2016 · 178 views

In search of the typhoon from toole's wolvohampton Looking for the typhoon for my great uncle roy nightingale as he worked the boat from 17 till he was 25 over 60 years ago ! He has heard small updates on it apparently going to London but we would like to get him and the boat reunited once more any information however big or small please get in contact with me on my email funky.ng77@gmail.com many thanks

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine

Posted by TTGE in TTGE's Blog, 18 August 2016 · 197 views
study in ukraine and 9 more...

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev has more then 120 partner universities and offers many international educational exchange programs to their students. Basically, all study visits of students are a semester exchange programs. Students of the 4-5th courses are invited as a rule.
In Germany the students of this university are accepted by the Ko...

Ellis boiler - HELP!!

Posted by janeyjane56 in janeyjane56's Blog, 22 July 2016 · 264 views

Hi there! This is probably the wrong place to write this but I'll go ahead anyway.
We've bought a 37' narrowboat with an Ellis boiler installed. We've not even tried to use it in the last year but would love to get it up and running. A man very kindly sent us an instruction manual but I can't make head nor tale of it.
Does anyone know of any...

City Plumbing Local Plumber London

Posted by Local Plumber in Local Plumber's Blog, 16 July 2016 · 224 views

Prevent Damage To Your Home From Frozen Pipes
Everything else can be fixed by a boiler repair company. For minor drain blockages, warm water is the most convenient therapy. "First of all, you need to ensure that he is proficient with a large range of locations.
In all circumstances, you need to rely on pipeline repair to a professional plumb...

Motorhome alarms & Solar pannels used in Boats.

Posted by automate in automate's Blog, 05 July 2016 · 256 views
Motorhome alarms

I just wanted to highlight some of the new accessories that are available for mobile transport. Much of the new equipment available could be utilised on your boat. Check out http://www.automateuk.com for more information.

Use the right boat to sail the "big data" ocean

Posted by NoraChoi in NoraChoi's Blog, 20 May 2016 · 311 views
web scraping, web scraper and 1 more...

You use crawlers to extract data on land. Now you can use octoparse in ocean! 
As a Chinese saying goes, the mechanic, who wishes to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools.
When it comes to web data extractor, you may be more familiar with import.io, mozenda or other tools.
but now, at this moment, it’s time for yo...

Family history

Posted by RichardB in RichardB's Blog, 23 April 2016 · 295 views

Looking for relatives who worked the canals in the late 1800's from Warwickshire to Buckinghamshire. The Barnwell family any details would be appreciated

Another first :)

Posted by Trillian in Trillian's Blog, 03 April 2016 · 289 views

I just had a bath on a moving boat. The sun is shining and we are out and about. Life doesn't get any better than this :)


Posted by kevinbsa in kevinbsa Blog, 28 March 2016 · 348 views

Hi All.
I just purchased some motorcycle parts from a guy in Dorset and in one of the boxes is a Standard Lister Cylinder Barrel in it original box part No 351-50204 and it comes with a new Bryce injector for same engine. I also bought a Flygt Ready 4 Summersible Pump that is also new and not even had a plug fitted.
If anyone is interested in any of the a...

Diesel Polishing

Posted by Diesel Cleaning Services in Diesel Cleaning Services' Blog, 10 March 2016 · 369 views

Hi all,
I would just like to let you know that we now provide a mobile diesel polishing service to most areas in the UK. If you think you may have a problem with the diesel bug, water or dirt in your tank please do not hesitate to contact me. We can clean your fuel without the loss of any diesel.

Buying a New Narrow Boat

Posted by Aquaman in Aquaman's Blog, 11 February 2016 · 796 views

I've been looking to buy a new narrow boat and have spent a lot of time reading up and looking at boats and builders, They all differ greatly and i suppose you have to go with your gut instinct in the end with a builder you consider the quality, design and price meet your requirements
However what puzzles me is if its a custom built boat, how ca...

I'm looking for a mooring

Posted by Rich1983 in Rich1983's Blog, 09 November 2015 · 614 views
Bishop storford

Hi hope people can help I'm looking for a mooring in bishop storford heartfordshrie or near by if any can help many thanks rich :)

Reliable Boat Builders

Posted by Jaymee in Jaymee's Blog, 30 September 2015 · 772 views
boat builsers

Hi All,
I am looking to get a new wide beam built for live aboard purposes.  I have had a hull built for me before, and I did my own fit out, this time I am looking to get the hull and fit out done.  It has been a while since I was on the boating circuit and was looking to see if anyone could recommend good boat builders, and those that s...

New leisure batteries

Posted by grahamsdriving in grahamsdriving's Blog, 23 September 2015 · 973 views

I have to buy new liesure batteries for my boat at the moment they are 6 volt 220 amp and there are four of them. I can buy 12 volt 120 amp batteries cheaper than the 6 volt will they do the same job.
Any help appreciated.

Curse Of The Pram Covers

Posted by FORTUNATA in Magneto, 18 September 2015 · 955 views

Curse Of The Pram Covers Have you ever noticed how people who own old boats suffer due to boat covers? Not that boat covers don't serve a purpose or that they're not well crafted or even attractive. I'm sure some companies make really great pram covers and I know many people who love the idea of having one (you can shelter from the rain while driving your boat, after all). ...

Bridgewater moorings

Posted by debbie robbo in debbie robbo's Blog, 17 September 2015 · 815 views

I am looking at buying a narrow boat with a view to livaboard  and would love to stay on the Bridgewater as I still work and grandchildren here, although the Bridgewater is proving to be a nightmare.  I really didn't want to go down the route of a residential as I don't see the point as it is no cheaper than living on dry land and to get your mo...

boswell family

Posted by boswellbaby in boswellbaby's Blog, 16 September 2015 · 598 views

hi all 
i am try to find out asd much information on the boswell family and the boat they may have had 
if any one has any picture of my family i would love to see them and hear all the information 
thank you all 
leslie boswqell is my father 

Information about living aboard

Posted by Benny the Ball in Benny the Ball's Blog, 30 August 2015 · 734 views

Hi to all out there.
I am looking at buying a narrowboat in the future and before I go down the route of viewing vessels and being told by sellers whilst viewing, what they think I want to hear, I would like some neutral, non biased opinions and information about living aboard.
I have a budget and it isn't a kings ransom and I am happy to li...


Posted by Little Bo Diddley in Little Bo Diddley's Blog, 19 August 2015 · 2,610 views
statics, marinas and 2 more...

Residents of waterside homes at a Cambridgeshire marina, many of them pensioners, are determined to fight demands that they pay an unlawful £430 annual river tax imposed by the Environment Agency or face heavy fines and a criminal record.
The caravan/lodge homes are on perm...

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