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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine





Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev has more then 120 partner universities and offers many international educational exchange programs to their students. Basically, all study visits of students are a semester exchange programs. Students of the 4-5th courses are invited as a rule.
In Germany the students of this university are accepted by the Konstanz University and the Leipzig University, in Poland – by Wroclaw, Warsaw and Jagiellonian Universities, in China - by Jilin and Nankai Universities, in South Korea – by the Wonkwang University, the Korean University of foreign languages ​​and by the Korean University, in Finland – by the Tampere University, in Spain – by the Granada University, and in Japan – by the Tenri University. Usually the universities cover tuition fee and student’ accommodation expenses (the remaining costs are paid by the students), and some of them give scholarships. For example, German universities give about 450-650 euro per month, Finland – 350 euro, China - about $ 400. It is worth noting that the students of any specialization can join such programs, of course, if they know an appropriate foreign language. Also, the annual international summer school (together with Vilnius University) is held for the law students.
Also Taras Shevchenko University proposes the double degree programs for Masters together with French universities (students study in France from one semester to one year). For example, there is a general master's program in the sphere of the molecular chemistry with the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse and in the sphere of chemistry - with the Anger University. Also there is organized the Ukrainian-French program for physicists and chemists together with Strasbourg University, as well as the German studies program with the Herder Institute of the Leipzig University (Germany).
Such programs give a great opportunity for students to practice and to get additional knowledge in their specialty, to study some time in Europe and to get wonderful experience. Time To Get Education propose international students to apply, study and get all advantages of studying in Ukraine. We will organize your admission on the best professional level! Contact us and start the procedure office@toget.education



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