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Morse control very stiff

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Is that not a forward control boat? If so I would still suspect the cable, especially if it is old or has tight bends in it.


What gearbox or is it a hydraulic drive. To test remove the cable from the gearbox and try moving the gearbox lever by hand. At the same time with the levers on both the control and gearbox in neutral make sure the cable is exactly the correct length, if not adjust.


Ensure the trunnions connecting the cables to the control levers are lubricated and the control moves freely.


Sometimes a maladjusted throttle cable can make the gear operation stiff so take the throttle cable off one of teh levers and put the control into slow ahead or astern. Then make sure the cable length is correct.


Make sure any bends in the cable runs are as gentle as possible.


Once that is done I suspect water has got into the cables and I know from experience they can and do stiffen up when under load but seem free when disconnected.

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