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Anyone know if the visitor moorings are ready yet in brayford as i am planning a visit mid june ?



As of a couple of days ago, the visitor moorings just west of the Brayford Pool were still occupied by some NB's which have been there quite a long time. The Nb moorings on the south side of the Brayford have been closed off pending some building work I think and the normal occupants have all been moved up to moor under the road bridge and on the visitor moorings. A call to BW in Newark might clarify the situation.


See also the other thread on this which is currently on the go.



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Went to LBC last night.......west end (where the visitor moorings were) is completely empty.


The short space for BW short term moorings (2 NBs fill it, I suppose why they are so hated around here by most) are full, as are the spaces nearby, under the bridge etc. etc.


So basically there is nowhere to moor overnight in or around the Brayford. I would suggest it would be a brave person to moor on the Witham passing through Lincoln overnight. Brilliant and no trouble in the daytime.


However, the pubs, Pyewipe and ?????? (sorry forget name) next to Burton Waters, plus of course Burton Waters are a relative short cruise east, and Washingborough just half an hour (plus Stamp End lock) west.


That's the situation in Lincoln at the present, although if they plan to put some very temporary type mooring up for the Water Festival, I don't know.

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Why this new trend of starting two or more near identical topics, it seem to be happening more and more lately.


All we are doing is hastening the demise of those that went before and clogging things up generally.

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