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River Lee - sunken (was once floating) skip

Lady Muck

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A few weeks ago, BW moored a skip by the towpath so that Sustrans volunteers could clear it of dumped builders rubbish - it's a real problem round here. It was probably left moored next to the towpath for far too long as more builders came and dumped more rubbish it it until it was really too full. Then we had all that rain and it sank!


Location is roughly 20 or 30 feet North of Chalk Bridge (between Stonebridge and Picketts locks). It's lying diagonally accross the navigation channel on the towpath side - you might be able to see one or two sticks in the water - that's where it is - it's possible to get past it, but it's a great big heavy metal thing, it's completley submerged and I wouldn't want to prang it and I'd like to make sure that you don't either!


If you can slow to a crawl and have someone upfront as a look out. :cheers:

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