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Hi Folks, This is my first entry here so G'day from Australia.

I was just cruising through the 'net' when I saw a discussion note on this site that interested me pertaining to Fuel Bug and water etc, and I may be of help or assistance to anybody suffering or wanting improvement in their fuel quality, guaranteed.

There is now available (in Australia and New Zealand at present) a device, NOT an additive or nasty biocide, that will provide you with protection from any bad fuel taken onboard any vessel large or small by destroying the offending microbes ( about 30 types) 'drying' the fuel to below 70ppm, thus providing your motor with the purest fuel available, in doing this the device 'nukes' the microbe and reduces the amount of particulate matter in the combustion chamber thereby reducing the particulate content of the exhaust no more "stink boat" syndrome, at the same time reducing the toxic gases in the exhaust also. By also taking out the 'free air' suspended in the fuel it cuts down considerably on the top end clatter from your diesels, large and small. By achieving ALL this the injectors and fuel pump system is protected from all that gunk that comes with the bug. Cleaning the tanks and fitting this unit you will never have a fuel bug problem again

This device is not a filter in any sense. And NO additives needed after easily fitting in-line between the tank and first off engine filter.

It is a recent New Zealand invention that utilises UV light and very strong Magnetic forces to achieve these results by utilising any suspended water in the fuel for the production of Hydroxyl Radicals to achieve these results. The devices have a world wide patent and CE number for international use, which will be coming to fruition shortly I hope.

You will find more info on pfmblue.com they are not being marketed/sold online, we're olde fashioned. This stuff is truly revolutionary technology and has not been seen before.

I have been a charter boat skipper on the Great Barrier Reef for over 20 years and when I was introduced to this device was blown away by the immediate results no black transom after a days fishing ! ? Bonza Mate,Cheers from Hydroxyl.

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