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I'm looking at buying a new boat unfortunately it has a cassette toilet which I don't want. I would like a Pump toilet to holding tank how much would it cost to have it fitted install + labor (I don't trust myself to do it!). The boat is a viking 26 cc, very similar to a narrow boat.


Also do any of you know cheap mooring on the River Wey for a viking 26 cc.


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My understanding that may be wrong is that moorings on the Wey are rare because they tend to be cheaper than elsewhere so contact the National Trust Navigation Office to find out.


I would have thought that the space below the floor on such craft rather tended to go against a holding tank of any size. I suppose you might find a secondhand re-circ. pump out to fit but I would rather have a Cassite than one of those. If you could get a tank of any size in I also thing you would tend to have a list for most of the time.


No idea of how much it would cost though.

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