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want to get a freezer for the boat what would be the best ? not sure if one of the 12volt ones would do or a small chest freezer ?




stew & Karen


Weaco CF-35 Portable fridge/frezzer.


Bought one a these Ebay no 270274669698

12volt and 240.

Silent (When I first connected it my heart sank I thought on no it is broke) its that quite

You can set your own temp on the didge display one minute it is a fridge the next it is a freezer.

Two big handles so you can use on the bank as a cool box.

Extras avalable

fixing bracket

Insulated cover.

I am going to fit mine under the bench seat on a sliding shelf.

Danfoss based.

Three or four sizes aviable.

Shuts down below certain voltage ( dont ask what that is I just know the battery I had it on wasnt flat when it stopped and no it wasnt broke)

Charged the battery and it was away again)

Take it home put the beer in coolit via 240 at home, take it the boat plug it in to 12 volt (Sorted).





B**** dear.

But much better value because it is so versatile than a standard 12 volt fridge or freezer.


I have no connection with the sellar.

Or maker.


I should be on comishon for this.




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