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  1. is there some bye law on the oxford re the long term mooring fee if you moor up not on the tow path ? ive heard a few things from people but never found anything yet stew & Karen
  2. well thanks all its been sorted the simple answer is yes found a firearms officer that lives onboard and he has helped so to most of you a big thanks and to the one t**t show how much you know stew
  3. has anyone got a good fish curry recipe stew
  4. well the day has come we move onto our new home today and over the weekend. oh boy dont you have alot of crap where oh where does it all come from, we have been living in a caravan for a few months and still the junk we have collected we will be on Felucca on the oxford so say hi if you see us stew & Karen
  5. I don't like them they bite ouch stew & Karen
  6. thanks one and all loads to thinks about aaaaahhhhhhh stew & Karen
  7. want to get a freezer for the boat what would be the best ? not sure if one of the 12volt ones would do or a small chest freezer ? stew & Karen
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  9. Welcome from stew & Karen we are just as mad just about to move onto ours very soon week to go we hope stew & Karen
  10. does anyone konw if it is poss to keep you guns on your narrowboat it will have a gun cabinet one is a 3 band enfield shotgun and the other a colt 1864 revolver or will i have to sell them ? stew& Karen
  11. is it possible to re paint your own boat or not a good idea just get a yard to do it has anyone out there done it advice please stew& Karen
  12. doc1864


    half way to 84 i know the feeling
  13. doc1864


    Good luck to you all both me and my wife are just about to do the same after years of being in a noddy house then trying to do a self build and finding how behind the times this country compared to the rest of europe. we have given that idea up after 2 years of heart ache. so Narrowboat here we come cant wait stew & karen
  14. who's in the area near Banbury as we don't know anyone as of yet we are stewart & Karen and will be living on Felucca very soon down in Banbury so if you see us say Hello. Also we will be at the Banbury Canal Day looking forward to that. oh wish the year away why not, 3 months to Xmas where has this year gone to. if anyone out knows of anyone that wants a good three piece suite leather please let us know still a few thhings to clear forom storage. stew & Karen
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