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Hi again,


so this time I’m wanting to extend the controller cables and move the panel to a new area. Is it easy enough to switch to the newer style controllers are the connections the same? Alternatively could I add an additional on/off switch of some type at the front of the boat leaving the original panel where it is?

if this is possible anyone know the wires I need to use for switching the unit on/off and would it mean I have 2 sources to switch the heater on ? 

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I wanted a second countdown timer for mine and fitted it in parallel with the existing ‘programmer’ which has 3 wires,  +12v, negative and signal.  If you just want a simple on/off switch you need to just connect to the +12v & signal wires.  If you are going to use some form of countdown timer, then you will need the negative as well.  It’s fine to have 2 switches in parallel if you want.


Just to be clear if either or both ‘switches’ are on the Webasto will be on.


The above assumes your Webasto unit ‘fires up’ when the signal wire is connected to +12v like mine does.

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