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Stunning photos capture the wonder of winter waterways

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22 March 2019    



Britain’s gorgeous canals and rivers have been the focus of a photography competition run by national waterways and wellbeing charity the Canal & River Trust this winter.  The charity is now sharing the stunning winning images, which capture the essence of why the nation’s 200-year old canals need to be treasured. 


The winning entries can be viewed here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/features/12-winter-photo-competition-winners-announced


The Trust received nearly 7,000 entries via its website and Instagram account.  The competition encouraged both keen canal-lovers and those that may not have visited their local waterway recently to show the best of the winter waterways.  With over 2,000 miles of waterways on the doorstep of millions there were many subjects to choose from, such as frosty towpaths, urban and rural waterways, people out and about enjoying their time by the water, classic canal architecture, lock gates, bridges and boats of every variety.


Jon Horsfall, head of customer services at Canal & River Trust, said: “The canals are stunning at any time of year and these wonderful photographs prove it.  We look after 2,000 miles of waterway that snake across England and Wales, passing through myriad different landscapes and telling the tale of our industrial heritage. 


“There’s something about being by the water that is good for body, mind and soul: our research shows that it makes people less stressed.  Let these images inspire you to come and visit and find your perfect picture.


“Thank you to everyone who shared their photos, and congratulations to the winners.”


The winning images were:

Trent & Mersey Canal by Nick Heath

Peak Forest Canal by Nicola Turner

Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Kelly

Lee Navigation by Jens Moser

Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Grahem Denney

Grand Union Canal by Steve Brown

Birmingham & Fazeley Canal by Natalie Marsh

Birmingham Canal Navigations by Veronika Jurickova

Leeds & Liverpool Canal by John

Kennet & Avon Canal by Barry Waddell

Urban waterway by @katkynes on Instagram

Weaver Navigation by Debbie French


For more information about the Canal & River Trust, including how you can volunteer or donate to the charity, visit canalrivertrust.org.uk.   





For further media requests please contact:

Fran Read, Canal & River Trust

m 07796 610 427 e fran.read@canalrivertrust.org.uk

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