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  1. 1. No, I`m not a landlady of a pub. 2. Cobwebs and flies don`t just appear in an off day 3. Neither do life forms at the back of basins 4. Yes, I can remain anonimous if I want to. It doesn`t invalidate my complaint No wonder pubs are closing if they think that those standards of hygene are acceptable Thanks for all your comments though!
  2. How disappointed we were when we took friends for a lunch time meal last Tuesday at the Shady Oak at Beeston near Chester. We moored directly outside the pub on their new moorings and settled ourselves in the conservatory with lovely views of the canal and castle. However, as we waited for our food to arrive, we looked around and noticed huge cobwebs and dead flies hanging down from the light fittings and window frames of the conservatory. One of our party came back from the ladies toilet complaining that the bolt fixing the toilet pedestal to the floor was sticking up and the pedestal was lose and able to rock from side to side. There was no soap in the dispenser, making hand washing before eating very difficult. Dark green life forms were developing along the backs of the basins. Our meals were ok except for my husband`s. His, so called, 8oz burger came as a tiny, burnt and misshapen piece of minced meat served between two pieces of dry roll and a salad on the side. We complained about the burger and were met with a sour faced, unapologetic woman who seemed to be put out by our presence interupting her otherwise quiet lunchtime session. We have since emailed those who may need to know our concerns and are awaiting their replies.
  3. A selection of original, unframed watercolours for sale at very affordable prices. Ranging from £15 to £35 canalpaintings.wetpaint.com
  4. We heard rumour that the boat that was caught on the cill was a live-aboard and a dog was drowned! Very unpleasant.
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