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  1. @Tony Brooks I didn't realise that was your website, I will certainly have a read! Thank you
  2. Thank you all for the replies. Thank you, I'll do those things. Could you clarify what tank cooled is? I should have said I'll be in a marina so I'll make sure the batteries are charged from shore power if needed. I have a Victron charger and a charging unit from the solar (forget what its called). Could these be boxed in? Or covered temporarily in some way? Would you recommend I put a heater in there for the really cold weather? Thanks again for the replies!
  3. Morning everyone, As a live aboard, is there anything I should be doing to winter proof my cruiser stern engine bay? Everythings looking quiet exposed under there when the temperature drops and things start to get damp. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the replies, there's clearly alot to think about re gas. Getting quotes for a webasto which seems like the better option.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to install an instant gas hot water unit. I've seen Rinnai are fairly popular, but as far as I can see these require 230v and I know there are units that are ignited using replaceable batteries. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternatives to Rinnai? I've seen plenty, but unsure of the build quality. As an aside, we do have an immersion and calorifier fitted for hot water, but my understanding is this wouldn't be an effective system for a couple of brief uses of hot water a day. We have shore power available if necessary. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks again for the replies. The seller and broker replied with a very genuine response. They're adding back in the notice of defects section, and made it clear I'll have the right to withdrawl under any circumstances. I've requested either a lower deposit, or none at all - shall see what they say.
  7. Thanks Alan, I'm currently replying to the broker/seller as I'm not happy. I'm suggesting that a survey at my expense should be enough to demonstrate my interest.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I've been sent this from a contract used by ABC Leisure Group in Alvechurch, which seems more reasonable? Also, arranging and paying for surveyor/boat yard should indicate I'm serious about taking this further in my mind. Following the survey, the Purchaser may, at his/her sole discretion, by written notice to the Broker, either: 5.2.1 reject the Vessel outright; or 5.2.2 reject the Vessel but offer to proceed with the purchase ...... (a) to rectify specific listed defects or deficiencies in the Vessel or the Inventory before Completion; or (b) to a reduction in the Purchase Price to enable the Purchaser to rectify such defects or deficiencies after Completion.
  9. Hi all, the latest ... The seller (through a private broker - not a marina) has accepting an offer and survey is penciled in. I've been sent a contract that asks for a 10% deposit, that states if work relating to BSS or steelwork with a cost to repair of over this 10% is needed or if the boat is un-insurable, then I can back out and get refunded. There's nothing about any cost of repairs that don't total the 10% being deducted from the agreed price. Would any damage to the hull be classed as un-insurable? how about if the boat requires blacking (which it will within the next year) - is this something to negotiate on? I've attached the contract below with sensitive info taken out. I've seen past receipts with the owner's name, the owner has included their address in the contract, I've searched the owner's email address and found work profiles - so I'm fairly happy she is genuine. So far the broker has also been very straight with me and I've seen two previous BSSs. Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. That's a bit worrying. I did intend on having a survey, but questioning if its worth going that far. I guess its whether its commonplace and will cause me issues down the line
  11. Sorry my mistake this was under the floor. The photo attached now was under the bed.
  12. That was under the bed. (Sorry short reply, still on my mobile)
  13. Hi. I've just come back from a second viewing. I took these two photos. Is this condition normal? Slight rusting in the gas locker but only speckles. Thanks again (hopefully the photos works as I'm on a mobile).
  14. Thanks, that's really helpful! The boat has one radiator in the bedroom. I'll look into an eberspacher, and possibly a blown hot air system. sorry, just to clarify - the immersion heater will be the cheapest way of heating water, unless I had the diesel stove on which could heat both water and air?
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