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  1. I agree I thought the Thames at oxford would be nicer but spent 3 days there and so much to see. Abingdon for the river is lovely and free moorings below the lock provided by the town, although I prefered the es moorings at the lock because such a nice walk into town for the dog from there and not so many people.
  2. Aldi have some good prices but some not so good. Same as poundland. Iceland are good. I never bother with Tesco now to expensive. They had and offer on cakes which still worked out 30% more than icelands normal price.
  3. Just meandered up the Thames from Richmondto lechlade. Was Absolutly blown away with the reach at cliveden. Moored up and walked up to the house. Views and house amazing. How many just motor past without exploring that amazing place. What's others favourite stretches?
  4. It's easy until it goes wrong. No anchor is dangerous and on that stretch below teddington you need it as a last resort.
  5. I just cruised up the Thamesfrom Richmond. Have found lovely spots all the way up. Worst place was eton by railway bridge and had to pay. Abingdon is nice but I'm on es moorings which is supposed to be 24 hours. This is my secondnight because regatta in oxford and moorings are busy. Downstreamthriugh abingdon lock you can moor for 5 days no charge alongside water meadows but only 5 min walk into town.
  6. It's right in the middle of the bow just below the rubbing strake. I have accessto the impact area from inside and can see its well laid up. Very thick grp and no spiders web or any other sign of cracking. Like you say probably cosmetic.
  7. Im moored up above abingdon. I just moved back on moorings to give narrow boat plenty of room to manouvre. Unfortuntly they just hired it and only there second day. He was going astern but wIred to long to put it in forward gear and a piece of metal connected with my hull which has left a 1inch by 1/4 inch deppresion in my hull at front. Like a gouge. Obviously mine is grp and the hull of mine projected over his rope bumper. If you were me what would you do. They have said sorry and I hues a bit of fillerwould solve it or should I be worried about unseen damage.
  8. Ok. it was the solonoied. I was told there was someone called Andy on a liveaboard just above Teddington lock. this afternoon I set of in my tender. beached the tender by wier crossed the bridge and found the liveaboards. nice helpful people. 10 mins and tracked Andy down. 1 and half hours later he was on my boat with it fixed. This is the best bit, only charged me 25 quid. I gave him 30 and still thought I was robbing him. I recommend him and he goes all over country.
  9. Sorry phone died as well so could not post. no still not going but the view is nice. 300 yrs from Richmond bridge. so could be worse places to be stuck
  10. I'm a bit thick but battery doing nothing. not making a sound when I try to turn it over. think I need mobile mechanic. I'm at Richmond in London
  11. Outboard won't fire. checked battery and its ok. checked connections and they look alright . so next stage is engineer. can anyone recommend a mobile one. Im moored at Richmond 400yards upstream from Richmond bridge
  12. Just managed to buy a 23 viking. original layout. original gel coat and all up together.Took over the moorings for 900 quid pa on the tidal Thames at Richmond near the bridge. anyway need to convert it to liveaboard and need to fit some sort of heating. thinking along the lines of a morso squirrel. also need to sort out electrics. without going into great detail I'm thinking if anyone is interested in me blocking hulls or other labour intensive menial work in exchange for helping sort out mine. alternately anyone interested staying on my boat and helping for an agreed price. I'm not wealthy so no telephone number quotes or I could just go to a marina. any suggestions welcome. time is not of the essence.
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