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  1. Have put the picture on again, but have marked where the water is coming from. We were only in dry dock last month and everything was ok then. Would really like to know if this is a diy job or is it best to get the professionals in. Have just been out for three weeks got back yesterday , so it might be 3 weeks worth of spray we've had to pump out.
  2. I know a lot of people think we shouldn't use these,but it was already on the boat. I have a nobels bow thruster that is squirting water into front cabin when in use. It's not leaking any other time. I have a manual that doesn't tell you much , and I am at a loss where to start to correct it. Any sensible pointers would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi Andy Would love to be there. only up to now am working sat but if i can make it me and Gill will be there let you know by 14 of feb
  4. I got a 70 footer it does not stop me trying to go places plan ahead ,plan ahead if you got a 60 footer or 70 footer there will all ways placers you be able to turn round go for it have fun trying good look.
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