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  2. Before, on a boat, I've seen big bars across the front doors which are secured by padlocks and then the usual lock. I've also seen, how can I explain it.. the old "castle lock" type - Two side doors, each with a small but strong fixing position welded onto them, with a steel bar that can be put into place, this was on the stern doors, engine room doors and on the side door in the galley. Most of the boat has portholes, which are secure due to their size, but the 3 windows on the boat have ornate bars, welded to either side of the window, which covers them which lets somebody break your windows which is a pain - but at least they can't get in, or get anything out! One of my friends moored in Castlefields, which is basically Manchester city centre on the canal. They awoke one morning to find half of their stuff which they keep at the back end of the boat had gone. Obviously this is bad enough, but to find a lump hammer on the stern - The scum that broke in, obvously had this ready and waiting incase they woke up. I dread to think.
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  4. Liam

    The Hatton 21

    Yes, it was with 4 boats. My boat, which is 30ft, and my parents boat, 38ft - Not sure the length of the other boats, but they weren't long.
  5. What have you got in there? anything of interest?
  6. Harborough boats can also be recognised by the "bull bar" type things on the front - which were used to protect the delicate fibreglass top. Check to see if it has these - of if there's any sign that it used to have them. Many hire boats had these fitted, but going off what David said, I think it's easy recognised.
  7. Liam

    The Hatton 21

    I worked this system of the "indian rope trick" last year when I was on my way to the Port Saves both time, and water
  8. Canalword Rally 2005 - Sounds good, hey?
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  10. I didn't find anything on waterscape.com - But there's some info on the Historic Narrowboat Owners Club website... under Club & Event News It looks like it may be a good event, and one that I'll try and attend!
  11. I suppose boat length would also come into this A Boatman stove on a full length boat is practically useless andHaving a Squirrel on a 30ft boat is a bit of a beast.
  12. Hi Buggsy.. I have since talked to a friend who I found out had a D3 in his boat too, and he advised strongly about not using multi grade oil. He recommended straight 30's.. he also suggested that I should use 15W 40W in the gearbox. I'm not saying your wrong, I appreciate the info greatly.. Could you possibly shed some more light on this subject please, regarding the use of straight and multi grade lub. oil? Thank you kindly
  13. Thanks Bernie.. sorry Jon
  14. Harecastle, for example...
  15. I've noticed the Forums time is an hour behind due to the clocks changing recently.. maybe you could sort this? There always has to be one, heh?
  16. I'm not actually sure when the first guide maps came about - but I suppose you have to take into account that pleasure boating didn't come around properly, until the late 60's, early 70's. Most of the 1945 guides may also be "out of date" as I know they've shifted a few locks, diverted tunnels and basically changed, in effect, the navigaton.. and there's the pubs and places of interest in towns and the like which would of definately changed. Maybe if you let us know what specific information you're looking for, we could help in that department?
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  18. Liam

    Which way

    Unfortunately, it won't be a holiday. We have to get this boat back up north as far as possible from Tring, as we only have a week off work, and we would like to break its back. After that week, we will have to weekend it, which we'd like to avoid. I think we'll end up going straight through, via Cheshire Locks.
  19. Liam

    Which way

    Thanks for that John. How many hours cruising would this take, at 3mph?... anyone have an idea?
  20. Liam

    Which way

    Hi folkes, I'm not sure if I'm posting into the right part of the forums, here, but I am sure Jon will move me if I'm not I'll be soon bringing a boat back from Cowroast on the GU, to Manchester, on the Bridgewater canal. I've had a look at a few maps of the relative systems and I'm thinking about coming up the GU, T&M, through Harecastle, Cheshire locks and then down past Middlewich etc. Which way would YOU go? Because I haven't boated past Hampton - Is there anything we should look forward to, or try and avoid along the way. Thanks in advance,
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  22. I've heard, but don't have experience of painting your boats roof a light gloss colour, only to wish you hadn't later. The reason was because with it being shiny, it reflects the suns rays and ends up with you not being able to see where you're going on a sunny day. Is this really as bad as I've heard people make it out to be?
  23. Hi folks, Hoping someone out there can recommend what type of Lub. oil to use in a Perkins D3.152. Also, what kind of Lub. oil do you lot recommend for a Newage gearbox? I'm not sure of the model, though Cheers
  24. Thanks for you info, Tommo - Greatly appreciated
  25. Liam


    Oopps, wrong part of the forums. Silly me.
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