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  1. Sometime ago there was a thread about the amount of water used by boats of different sizes/weights when travelling through locks. As usual there were several different ideas. The answer is in this article copied from "Bradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers." Mr G R Jebb in a paper on the "Maintenance of Canals" read before the Society of Arts Conference on Canals, 1888, gives the following information on a point connected with the consumption of lockage water. "A boat locking down from the higher to lower level requires a lock full of water minus the amount it displaces; a boat locking up from a lower level to a higher level requires a lock full of water plus the amount it displaces; thus it will be seen that a loaded boat requires more than an empty one when locking uphill, and that an empty one requires more water than a loaded one when locking down hill." A boat locking down from the higher to lower level requires a lock full of water minus the amount it displaces. A boat locking up from a lower level to a higher level requires a lock full of water plus the amount it displaces. An empty boat requires more water than a loaded one when locking down hill. A loaded boat requires less water than an empty one when locking up hill.
  2. The volunteer lock keepers finish at 4pm. Locks open 24 hours
  3. VDO Hours Counter Repair If you have a VDO hours counter not displaying the hours there is a repair procedure to change the display. It is not for the faint hearted! I bought this from RS Components. Cost about £20. Hours Run Meter Curtis 701PR001O-1248D2060A, LCD, 6 digits , 12 → 48 V dc, 20 → 60 V ac • RS Stock No. 185-6107 • Brand Curtis • Mfr. Part No. 701PR001O-1248D2060A The following links will help with fitting https://verl900.wordpress.com/technical-articles/vp-md2020-tachometer-repair/ A superb pictorial guide by Richard Davis on how to do this https://verl900.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/volvo-penta-tachometer-lcd.pdf The meter calibration for the alternator speed will not work after modification I have done this but do not ask me questions about technique. It seems very reliable, 3 years.
  4. Reference Stourport. The red board at Stourport is very pessimistic. The board at Lincomb Lock today is half way up the amber and the river locks are open.
  5. How many of the counts are from lock leakage? There are two locks I know well Dimmingsdale 3032 and Compton 3791, a difference of 659. I find it hard to imagine boats going through one and not the other (2.8 miles and 2 locks apart ).
  6. Does anybody suffer back pain/problems as a result from operating lock paddles and gates?
  7. The red line at Stourport is very pessimistic. I think you will find the level at Lincomb is comfortably in the amber at the moment. As a guide look here http://www.cruisingschool.co.uk/location/river%20severn%20levels.htm This page gives all the lock keepers numbers. Today is a typical situation where boats will come up the river on amber but will not leave Stourport because its level is red!
  8. I think the EA site, an example here, http://apps.environment-agency.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels/120744.aspx?stationId=2001 is much clearer with its information.It is updated every 3 hours as opposed to once a day.
  9. Try the Inland Waterways Cruising School at www.cruisingschool.co.uk for canal, river, narrow locks, staircases.
  10. The red band and light at Stourport is 9 to 12 inches lower than the red band at Lincomb Lock which is 1 mile down stream. This discrepancy can cause a situation where a boat coming up the river leaves Lincomb in the amber and arrives at Stourport in the red. But a boat wanting to leave Stourport will not if the water is in the lower part of the red, if they did leave when they get to Lincomb they would be just above green in the amber! The best advice is to speak to the lock keeper at Lincomb. This website shows the river levels along with approximations of the red/amber/green boards. http://www.cruisingschool.co.uk/location/river%20severn%20levels.htm
  11. CaRT's website. Can any one help? Where can I find? After the winter stoppages what are the passage times for Bingley Five Rise Locks. Do I have to book a passage out of Leeds on the L and L Where on CaRT's website is this information?
  12. frangar Don't pay to much attention to the boards, they are doubtful at Stourport as well. Speak to the nearest lock keeper for advice on levels.
  13. The theory of Prop Walk is here http://www.cruisingschool.co.uk/icc/prop%20walk.pdf Enigma
  14. The Royal Yachting Association and British Canoe Union both do first aid courses that include items on drowning, hypothermia, cold shock. They are ideal for water based activities, other providers (eg. first aid at work)often do not include these items.
  15. Daryl Hill works as a pilot on the Wash. His email: ongarhillbillies@hotmail.com is here. He will tell you all you want to know. My best day of inland waterways boating.
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