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  3. He needs something like this to keep you lot in check on the cut ?
  4. I'm not entirely sure how valid the 15% reduction actually is when compared to other companies etc. Example: Oboard Energy charge £1,001.70 for a Victron 100Ah Lithium battery, or £851.46 with the Johno discount, whereas Alpha Batteries charge a normal rate of £849.99 for the same battery incl delivery (BAT512110705). I'm sure they'll be a great company to deal with but I'm just saying that the 15% Johno discount may not be all it seems.
  5. Now you're talking my lingo ? We've moved from British built vans to French built and now German and we'll be sticking with German stuff now. The missus and I were supposed to visit Germany in April this year to have a pre-order chat with our preferred German manufacturer but the virus stopped our plans and we've since reverted to my long term wish to buy a narrowboat. I just hope it turns out to be everything I want it to be; fingers crossed ? All the best, Andrew
  6. So true sir. If this was a motorhome forum then I would be advising the newbies on anything and everything. Sadly for me I'm now the newbie but I'm getting there........slowly! All the best, Andrew
  7. Hi Alan, the staining which I refer to is associated with a different boat to one which I'm buying. I was just intrigued as to why the wood had blackened above the small fin-style Alde system. Thanks for the reply and sorry for any confusion. All the best, Andrew
  8. The boat is advertised as a 2012 model so not old at all. I reckon the stain (as I'm calling it) has been there for some time as it looked and felt to be quite engrained from what I can recall. The wood is only thin so I suspect the veneer is thin too. After reading all of the informative responses on here I've got a feeling that a straight forward clean-up may not be possible. It's a shame that I couldn't visit the boat again as I really want to examen it further. Thanks to everyone who has replied. All the best, Andrew
  9. That's really good to know Tony, many thanks indeed. I've trawled the internet high and low recently for info sources on Narrowboats and I'll say now that your site has to be the best out there. I've learnt a whole load of new facts and I've only been at it for an hour. All the best, Andrew
  10. That's a fantastic link to Tony's web site. That'll keep me busy for a while. Many thanks ?
  11. Thanks T, I appreciate the advice. I've read something similiar tonight on Google but it's nice to get realtime info from you guys. I did try to scrape it off when I was in the boat but I clearly didn't try hard enough and I certainly didn't have a brush. Thanks again, Andrew Yes, I reckon there would be quite a bit of heat build-up in the skirting convectors when the gas heating was on full blast. Sadly, though, I didn't get a chance to test the heating system.
  12. That's good news as it detracted from the nice interior of the boat. The Aqualine was the only boat which we viewed with this issue but then again is was the only boat to have the Alde Compact gas system fitted. Thanks for the info, Andrew
  13. Hi Guys, During our hunt for a boat last month we came across a 2012 Aqualine which had dark heat stained marks above all of the many Alde radiator lower vents, pic below. This question is just for my learning but how would someone go about removing such marks? ........... or would it be a case of having to replace or paint the wood? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  14. We came incredibly close to buying one last month but lots of the older ones just seem to have Alde gas heating and no secondary stove. .......and I didn't want to sell my kidneys to pay for the huge gas bill ?
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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