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  1. Just realised used my mobile to post, usually use my laptop but it is on the blink. I joined the canalworld forum from my Facebook profile as well. So at the moment have two names on here "leap of faith" and "Maia" 🙄
  2. No need for apologies for being "negative". I would rarer hear it as it is than buy a lemon! Shame about the Mermaid engine the boat practically ticks all my want boxes. I now know why both boats have been on for sale for a couple of months. I will not be picking a Lombardini anytime soon (apologies to Lombardini owners!). I did a bit of research on this forum about them a while back.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the amazing helpful advice!!! Things do seem so much clearly.
  4. I am in the process of choosing my first boat and thinking about shoreline which are understand is 240v. I will have some electrical appliances but plan to be as light as possible on them. Especially when out cruising. I plan to be in marina only in winter months. I do not intend to use a washing machine, TV, or microwave whilst out of marina. Also I was thinking of perhaps having a 3 way fridge as well. My question is should I reject boats that lack 240v? Or should I consider having it installed as I realise it is probably costly? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, their is a boat I am interested in viewing and if right putting an offer in. I am a newbie and of course will have a out if water survey. I am looking for advice on how to handle the "negotiation part of the deal" which I am slightly nervous about. I understand from some research that it is a good idea to ask out right "do you own the boat" as this may give more wiggle room on on price with the broker, especially if been on sale for a while. The broker is Great Haywood boat sales.
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