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  1. Yeah a few people have mentioned the wider stuff isn't as fun in a narrowboat. Shall Investigate that option too then cheers Everything noted, will mostly be single handed, guess that's just something you pick up with time handling the boat in some of the deeper locks.
  2. Kept the front end just clear of the bridge so I could leave the chimney and bike on the roof, but the back had maybe 4 inches or so under it, there was one coming down after me and the lockie had him disassemble his cratch cover and the boards to fit under lol
  3. Are you heading upstream at the moment? Just got back up to St Neots from Ely yesterday and the last few days from Earith up to St Neots have gotten consistently more interesting lol. The Brownshill lock was completely flooded over even 5 days ago, both gates may as well of been completely up... Had a couple hairy moments to say the least🤣
  4. Cheers for that! Must admit when I had my old Fairline moved from Oulton Broad up to near Kings Lynn after the engine died the only movers that were significantly cheaper were the ones who weren't willing to send over proof of insurance... pricing was within £30 of the 6 people who were actual legitimate businesses with insurance and the likes...
  5. Coming from a sailing background the thought of taking the thing across the channel sounds absolutely horrifying lol. Do they not even have a vhf set for in case of emergencies? I figure i'd rather rely on a vhf set than my mobile playing ball. Would be interested to know more! Shall give the article a read... The few people i've spoken to about it have said a similar figure, around 4-5k seems to be the general consensus as far as i've heard... Going to get in touch with a couple of shipping companies and get a quote within the next couple weeks just to be sure of a rough ball park figure... Link doesn't work, tries to redirect to a local iP address... assuming it's a file you have stored on a network storage device at home? Could you try and share the pdf via filebin.net or a similar service as it sounds like an interesting read? Cheers
  6. Would rather go down the line of a new regulator anyways as less joins/adapters in the gas system is probably the smartest thing to do... I'm fairly lucky in that i've got 600 watts of solar on board and a reverse osmosis setup for filling the water tank (which at 6 euros a tank for a fill up it sounds like i'll be using a lot more than currently where I normally use a tap to save the filters from getting hammered considering it's free lol). Didn't realize that Belgium operates like that so i'll do a bit more googling on the subject, cheers. I think there was a mention of the phase-reversing adapter / socket tester in billy bubbles' blog, as i'd already added it to my list of things to make/buy...
  7. Cheers for the advice. Might cheat and just have a large fitting for a seacock welded to the bottom of the holding tank so it doesn't require a pump, although i'm not too sure if that's too smart or not so shall have a research. Already got a VHF fitted as I didn't like the idea of doing the salters lode to denver sluice run without one (maybe i'm a wuss, but hey, safety and all that). Shall have a read into the regulations and stuff to make sure everything is in place before I stick it on a lorry! Already read it a few months back and currently in the process of re-reading and taking notes haha. Pretty good read and was the reason I decided I fancy giving the trip a go in the first place
  8. Is there any way to know what will change given brexit though? It all just seems up in the air and hear say at the moment so there's no point me speculating... it's a subject I really have no clue about at all, without wanting to get political once it was decided we were leaving the EU I pretty much gave up following what was going on with it. I assume there will be changes, but as far as I can tell there's no way to know at the current point in time what those will be... It's something I shall be talking to my old man about when I next see him, as he will probably understand the situation better than I do... Ideally wanting to go over to France for the 2 years (potentially longer if I feel there's more to explore as the 2 years comes to an end) and overwinter there too, but returning to the UK out of season wouldn't be something i'd be opposed to if it had to be done as I have a place I can stay here too if needs be. Again the whole visa post brexit side of things is something i'm not too sure on and need to chat to my old man about when I next visit.
  9. Not as far as I can think of, just feels a load more tippy when stepping on and off than it did before I added the rest of my stuff onboard, maybe it's sign I should have a clear out ha ha.
  10. God only knows, truth be told I try to stay uninvolved from the whole topic as much as possible lol
  11. So a self pump out pump to drop the tank out could be useful then... I had read about the length limits on pontoons and luckily being 45ft shouldn't have too much of an issue with that. Someone else had recommended joining the DBA too for info (and at £35 I figure it's probably worthwhile). Cheers for the advice!
  12. Cheers, hadn't spotted that one yet, will have a read n shoot him a message
  13. Would be interested to know how you get on with that as i've had hell lately trying to balance everything out onboard to stop it rolling around quite so much. A couple people had suggested maybe removing some ballast could help but I haven't had chance to try it out yet...
  14. Could that potentially be just because it now has more weight lower down that the righting movement is more noticeable? Might be completely wrong...
  15. Fairly new around here, 19 now and have been living aboard for the last few years, a few months back I sold my yoghurt pot and bought myself a narrowboat... anyways, looking for any info in regards to shipping a narrowboat to France and cruising the European waterways in general. I plan to haul out some time in March, do some work, and all going well have the boat put on a lorry and taken cross channel for 2 years (maybe longer?) of cruising in April. I've read various blogs and stuff of people who've done similar things (billy bubble's for example) and tried to extract as much info as possible. Was just wondering if there was anyone here who has done such a thing, (there has to be surely) and was just seeking any extra information possible. I know i'll need to get my icc sorted out (although i've heard I can possibly get one of those with some of my rya qualifications but shall be speaking to someone at the weekend about sorting that aspect of things). What does the actual road transport side of things cost roughly? Obviously hall out / in fees at either end, craning on and off the truck, but mainly the transport itself. Any bits of kit people would say are necessary for such a trip that could be overlooked (obviously a good pair of anchors, long/strong enough lines for the deeper locks and potential bollard spacing issues, hookup cables not that I connect to shore power often anyways, I assume i'll need different gas bottle regulators, are hose pipe fittings the same, etc etc). Can anyone recommend a good set of books/websites with navigation maps/info or any more blogs/books I may have not stumbled across yet of people doing a similar thing? Sorry if the post seems kind of vague, just looking to soak up as much info as possible in regards to taking on such a trip so I can plan as best as possible. Also feel free to call me an idiot as well Cheers, Andy.
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