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  1. Yes I reckon it should now be ‘Dunk’ and yes it was an adventure, good job we finally got water as I spent last night throwing up canal water ?
  2. I am Dunc and I am plodging after falling in whilst pumping out at Oxley Marine. I hope that Callum the engineer who made it possible for me to shower, has a chuckle at the attached photos ?
  3. Forgive me not mentioning that Callum did indeed go above and beyond, I could not get internet at the mooring to say that all got resolved. Thank you Callum and I will be giving you a five star review and how you did indeed go above and beyond !!
  4. Home safely, thank you all for the great advice, I did get persistent with the hire company and they came out and did pretty much what quite a few of you suggested, took the guy around 20 minutes and we managed to moor up just before dark. Once again I really appreciate the help I had with planning my week on the water and for all the comments when I had my hiccup yesterday. Hope to be cruising again soon, think I have been bitten with the bug ??
  5. I rang hire company they told me to lift and juggle about, been doing that for ages !
  6. I am near Forster Bridge 68 and rudder has come out of cup , any ideas on how to repair .
  7. Broken down at Forster Bridge 68 on Staffs worcs canal, rudder come out of cup, any ideas how to fix ?
  8. Duncs

    saving photos

    If your android phone is a Samsung, simply buy a smart switch and you can transfer between all operating systems. Hope this helps .....
  9. I think I am just about there Friday Navigation at Gnosall Saturday Swan & Fish & Chips at Compton Sunday Green Man at Swindon Monday Eagle & Spur at Cookley Tuesday Round Oak at Wombourne Wednesday Bridge Inn at Brewood Thursday Norbury Junction at Norbury Wharf Thanks to all who contributed and a special mention to Captain Pegg ?
  10. Now thinking about winding at Lea Lane and mooring in Cookley near the Bulls Head
  11. How about turning around ? The boat is 68 feet... I have been to the Anchor during my motorbike days
  12. Problem is we have got 2 dogs onboard
  13. Thanks Capt Pegg and Neil, I am on holiday and don’t fancy cooking much ? Oh and as for the Vine, I am going to have a drive to Kinver moorings tomorrow and establish how far the walk to a decent pub is
  14. Just adding finishing touches to my journey, is the mooring ok at Swindon ? Definitely visiting the Green Man
  15. So are you recommending fish and chips and then a saunter down to the Swan ? oh and there is no ‘missus’, just a group of old friends but the ladies might enjoy the cakes ?
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