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  1. That's great Rob thanks,I'll have another look on the maps at those.
  2. Will be using car,but would like to stay away from Brum subs if pos! Noted Alan.
  3. Can anyone suggest a route with 14day moorings and facilities,that would keep CRT happy for 12months.Working full time in Solihull and new to canal system?
  4. Oh dear,what have I started,any comments on builder Bob Kay.? Just viewed nice cruiser local to me on eBay.
  5. Thanks for that,yes that's worth remembering! Young Dan Brown ,of YouTube notoriety. His tale of buying his latest boat, Ables Ark springs to mind. I believe he went in with a substantially low offer for that boat and was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call some weeks later,accepting his offer.
  6. Thanks Sam,I've cancelled viewing on Sun. Valuable advice I think. I will strike them off my list of possibles. There seems to be a big difference between boats above and bellow 30k on the market! Think I will take my time and look at as many boats as needed. Also found that an early 90s boat ,may be in far better condition through care/ maintenance/ updating etc,than say a 2005 boat,that has been neglected or just sat on shoreline from New! Still lots to learn I think before I part with my cash. Thanks again,all the best Jon.
  7. Hi there,looking to buy my first boat and viewing this weekend. Going to see a Liverpool Boats 45 ft cruiser ,with a Lombardini 1202 linked to a Technodrive box. Have been told to be careful with the above mentioned ,depending on year built relating to the hull I think! Any advice on this please? Also,is it true that Technodrive gearboxes can be troublesome? Many thanks Jon.
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