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  1. Depends where you are going to live. Down south expensive up north cheaper. I live in the Midlands which is reasonable.
  2. It's getting dearer the further south you go, left Birmingham over month ago paid 70 p Frampton on the sharpness 74p out side Bath fuel boat 78p now in Reading fuel boat 88p. Although no split payed.
  3. Thanks for your info on fuel.stopped the fuel boat out of boatyard wharf 74p no split.
  4. Any fuel boats on the K&A were at Bath at moment going all the way to Reading or cheap fuel along the way.
  5. Just had my fuel polished and refilled to to top so that will help.
  6. Thanks for quick response will refill filter with fresh diesel.
  7. Just about to change fuel filter on my barrus shire 45 engine. Do I need to prime the the filter or will it self prime when I start the engine.
  8. Good luck in your Search, I married the boat next door and never been so happy.
  9. Could be worse you could be moored at Minworth on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal when the wind is blowing from the sewage works.
  10. Many thanks for your input think I Will Go for the smaller of the two it is half the price and it's got to be better than the one have. Have always struggled with seeing in tunnels and yes I always put cabin lights on have been on the cut 18 years it must be my eyes it takes me a quarter of the way in those tunnels to feel comfortable seeing anything.
  11. I need to change my tunnel light on my boat which is 68 feet from the old brass car head light not very good at seeing anything. Have been looking at bedazzled and 2 stand out 1 has 9 LEDs 27w 30 degree the other has 14 LEDs 42w 60 degree what do people think is the best choice. I know it has to be angled to side and roof and my local tunnels are Netherton and Wast hill tunnels both long with would the 14 LEDs be to Bright for on coming boats.
  12. I used to work in Birmingham crown court as an usher and ever couple of months somebody would shout out walking through the jury room he's Kilroy Silk.
  13. Thanks for this info -really useful! We are planning to go downstream to Bristol next May from Sharpness.
  14. Overnighted in the grazebrook arm Monday night it was very quiet due probably to the high winds and late in season. But must say it was a lovely location and we were in a sheltered spot.
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