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  1. Thank you very much guys!!! I've had a look and will definitely be booking!! 😁
  2. I can confirm I messaged DHutch directly and asked permission and he said that he thought the members may be interested in my services so allowed me to post 😊 If that's true then I guess I got lucky 😁👍
  3. Thank you Dave I really appreciate that, I would love to see your work and any tips and advice you can throw my way would be amazing 😊 Nothing wrong with being a traditionalist, I was taught to write by a man who had been signwriting railway carriages for 40 years before he worked at the brewery, everything I was taught was traditional pub style until I started doing my own stuff and people started asking for more modern things. I loved to watch him work it was almost hypnotic 😊 That's great, I will try and look her up thank you 😊 I noticed Phil does courses up near Liverpool, I might have to drop him a message and see when the next one is, I've been a to a couple of courses in the past and I find it really interesting to see how others techniques differ and get tips 😊 That traditional one is beautiful 😍 but I have to admit I think the 'not so' one is kinda funky 😂 sorry
  4. Wow 😍 that is beautiful work. Did he do all the pictures on the inside too they're really pretty!
  5. Oh 😂 is he a bit of a traditionalist? I love doing quirky creative stuff 😁 I am a qualified painter and decorator but I've never painted a boat so I'm gonna go with no... Lol Yes I think I got quite lucky with the last boat I did as the guy who painted it wasn't a signwriter so he did the painting and I did the writing and painted the ducks (on the boat, not the actual ducks🦆) but since I've started looking into the boat route I've noticed a lot of people seem to do both.
  6. Yes it is, I just wasn't sure where I was allowed to post it 😊
  7. I didn't think you were having a go sorry if it came across that way 😣 I shouldn't post late at night I end up babbling 😂
  8. A lot of people seem to be having issues with my thread 😲 would you like me to redo it or place it somewhere else? I don't want to cause problems for people 😣
  9. Thank you very much 😁
  10. Yes I have noticed there are quite a few in the boating world and I appreciate that a lot of people would probably consider a more familiar name first 😊 but everyone started somewhere and I'm happy to say I have been doing this for almost 6 years now and I haven't had a complaint from a customer yet (touch wood 😂) 😊
  11. Oh wow really? 😍 I didn't know that. I would love to get in touch and see some of their work if someone can point me in their direction
  12. Thank you no I do not but it is something I am looking into
  13. Thank you, yes it has definitely been a good decision and I am loving the freedom it brings to explore new avenues. Thank you so much I really appreciate that
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