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  1. Wow - thanks everyone for these very detailed responses. As I suspected, it is clearly not a case of buy a piece of kit and all will become clear. I’ll spend a little time today trying to get my head around your advice and will certainly come back with further questions. Thanks very much.
  2. I am considering fitting a solar panel system and just wondered how you monitor the state of charge of the batteries. I presume there is a monitor I can buy or it is integrated with the controller but how do they work ? Do they measure energy in and out and then estimate the SoC ? If so it guess some will be better than others so does anyone recommend a particular unit ?
  3. Thanks all, looks like I’m off to get a spare just in case and then try A bit of hood old brute force with my fingers crossed. cheers
  4. I unfortunately left a slightly bent ignition key in the key box and my better half tried to use it to start the engine (see photo). It worked fine but because of the slight bent at the shoulder of the key it is now stuck in the barrel. I’ve been reluctant to force it as it may snap off on the barrel and I will then be unable to start the engine. I’ve tried WD40 with no joy. any ideas?
  5. Got a fairly small boat (40ft) so not much roof space and I am looking to buy a couple of solar panels. While eventually I might get an inverter I am currently all 12v and I plan to live aboard 2 or 3 evenings a week to save commuting plus the odd weekend cruising. I was told you pay about £1 per watt then add on controllers, cables, mountings etc but I see on Amazon and eBay 100w complete kits for about £100 and single panels for less the £70. can anyone give me any guidance on makes and models for all the bits or is it a case of ‘you gets what you pays for’ with solar panels. I’m thinking to start with I go for 200-250w. I currently don’t have any battery monitoring at all so is it important to have this with the panel or is it better a fork out for something that monitors everything ?
  6. I’ve just built the walls for my barhroom and plan to use wetwall panels for the shower cubicle. what should I treat the inside walls with prior to sticking on the acrylic panels ? I was contemplating getting a big Tin of marine varnish but will this impact on the effectiveness of the panel adhesive ? any ideas or advice ? cheers
  7. Thanks all, just ordered the gulper. Not worth the risk to save £50. Thanks for the advice cheers
  8. I’ve just stripped out an old bath and fitting a shower. The old waste pump seemed to be a bulge pump in a chamber roughly the height of the bath. This seems a petty basic set up and looking online there seems to be diaphragm pumps with run dry capability. Are these the ‘modern’ solution ? also, some seem to be available for about £30 but the whale gulper 220 is more like £90. What is the difference and is it worth paying the extra ? any recommendations ?
  9. Thanks everyone. I will leave it as it is. My wife has just reminded me that the previous owner had just replaced the pump before we bought it and it hadnt been used in anger since so maybe the rapid cut in and cut out after turning the tap in and off is not a good reference. With little previous experience of boats I’m never sure what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t. Cheers
  10. I’ve just started revamping my water system and have a question regarding how long it should take for the pump to kick in and cut off. Before I started hacking it about the pump would kick in within a couple of seconds of opening the cold water bathroom tap and cut off 2 or 3 seconds after closing the tap. The tap was about 20ft from the pump and the accumulator was just next to the pump (mounted horizontally if that is relevant). Ive been rejigging the pipework with the accumulator now about 10ft from the pump and mounted vertically. It now takes 10-15 seconds before the pump starts ans it runs on for about 30 seconds after closing the tap. Is this just the accumulator doing the job it’s designed for or is it suggesting something has gone wrong with it ? Ive not been on loads of boats but I can’t remember any araying on for 30+ seconds. Btw, water flow is good and consistent whether the pump is running or not. pump is 2.9bar and rated at 11 ltr/m. Accumulator is probably about 5 ltrs.
  11. Thanks - Morris is the stuff used before so I will stick with it.
  12. I’ve just started boating and the boat came with a pot of K99 grease for the stern gland so I have just been using the same. I’ve been looking online to replenish my stock and noticed K99 is water resistant but others are water proof so it started me thinking whether i should use something else. The gland does drip quite a lot and the boat yard say it’s not the packing but it needs a new prop shaft. I want to delay this as long as possible so if there is a better grease I’d be prepared to try it. Any my ideas ?
  13. I’m in the process of wire brushing and degreasing my bilge/engine bay before repainting and wondered what paint people might recommend. Some have said specific bilge paint is a waste of money and I’ve always sworn by hammerite whenever painting metal that gets exposed to the elements. Any thoughts ?
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