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  1. Lost we think in or around the marina
  2. Hi Wife lost a Kartuch silver necklace we bought in Egypt not worth a huge amount but has great sentimental value to us If found there will be a Reward to finder
  3. Mike E-W

    which Aerial

    which is the best Aerial so many on the market used Omnimax when I had a caravan with mixed results but they aint cheep .Any advise welcome
  4. Wife said its going to be a good weekend dry with gentle breeze so we set off from Braunston to Napton by the time we got to Wigrams the wind was howling and it lashed it down and it got rough more like the south Atlantic than south Oxford ! . moored at the Folly checked forecast again storm winds of 40mph and heavy rain no wonder we did not see another boat move all weekend .......spec savers next week for her
  5. Admiral Nelson Braunston has curly chips on which are yummie best chips ever with cheesy garlic bread and a pint of Tiger Saturday lunch snack bliss .Just need to get Pete & Debbie to get curry sauce on the menu
  6. Nelsons got food back on and what a delight had dinner there Friday cod was wonderful met friends there Saturday for lunch had the Ham sandwich took the option to swap chips for the home made tomato soup great idea . Fish finger sandwich for her who must be obeyed went down a treat . Another plus prices are down always a BIG plus to a Yorkshire man.......Give it try
  7. braunston bottom lock boat yard has slip where they put boats for diy work
  8. well into our first winter on board having moved on in June in the heat wave doing the chores this week in snow & ice has been interesting ! slipped on deck and just avoided going in head first got me focused with the wife in a fit of giggles bit more care required loving it though great weekend in Napton only three boats there never saw a soul
  9. It isn't bothering me at all Sea dog just curious to see it moored off side and looking sad
  10. Just about opposite the footbridge entrance to the marina there is cream ,rusty, narrow boat never seen it move or anyone on it . Any one got the history ?
  11. Napton Narrow Boats do the Ashby to Market Bosworth and back
  12. currently use Dyson hand held small unit its about 6 years old easy to charge and store but its not very good anyone recommend a good hoover prefer hand held unit
  13. With no food on at the Nelson Braunston we decided to head to Napton and the Folly . Inspired decision has dinner there one night and lunch New Years Eve both an outstanding delight of great quality Big thanks to Mark & team
  14. The Admiral Nelson , Braunston, will change hand in three weeks time Mark & team have sold to the Everards pub chain Wish them well had some great meals , beers and all round good fun over the years
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