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  1. Just wanted to post a follow-up thanks to all who offered their opinions. We ended up going on the L&L, travelling west from Skipton in the constant rain in early June. Great scenery, villages, and friendly folk - we all had a blast!
  2. Thanks @Slim, @IanD, @Captain Pegg and @Mac of Cygnet for all you input. It's tending towards two boats on L&L. Will let you know how we get on! Have a good weekend (when it arrives)!
  3. Thanks @Naughty Cal At this stage, the novelty of a canal appeals - many of the party have done river cruises in various places.
  4. Wow - thanks everyone for you input. @Boater Sam I had a quick look at the Leeds and Liverpool, looks intriguing. Is there any particular stretch that's better for the rural aspect? And any renters that you could recommend? @Mike E-W Thanks will have a look. @NickF @Cheese @Peter X I'll discuss the pros and cons of 1 vs 2 boats with the rest of the party, but I'm guessing they'll agree with @Cheese that 2 will offer more comfort. @Peter X We're happy to do locks. Think it will be necessary for a bit of exercise after sitting around on board :) Mostly a pretty fit bunch, so that shouldn't be a problem. But I don't think we want to do 8-hour days with locks all the way. Some uninvolved cruising and landscape-gazing time would be nice. And enough moored chilling out time, would be equally important. Thanks for the CRT link, will take a look. Most of the group have done several canal journeys in France. Those of us that haven't have quite a bit of general boating experience, but none of locks, so that guide will really be helpful. @OldGoat Thanks for the thoughts. As I type, the more I think 2 boats will suit the group better. Although this would be more expensive, we only all get together sporadically, so it's probably worth the outlay to make it a more comfortable and memorable experience. I think we'd prefer the canal system over the Thames, just because it would be novel for all of us.
  5. Hi all, first post here, thanks everyone for a great resource. My wife and I are coming over in early June from South Africa for a family get together. There’ll be 7 of us altogether and we’re interested in doing a week on a nice canal. I’ve done quite a bit of reading, but the massive choice is a bit daunting, so I’d really appreciate your advice on a few things: - we’re all adults (40s to 70s), so I’m assuming renting two boats would be better than renting one massive one to fit 7. Is this true?; - I think we’d like to travel on a system that is more rural, ideally quieter, but still has a decent choice of pubs for meals, walks, etc. From what I’ve read the Caldon or Ashby might fit this descrption. Any thoughts on these or other options would be appreciated; - and any thoughts on reputable rental companies would be most welcome. Thanks in advance! best Bosvelder
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