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  1. Improving onboard Mobile communications

    Thank you to all who have contributed advice - all good and very welcome. We have heard what yous say and will have a landline after all at the home mooring, cost being worth it even at several hundreds to keep the business going. Away from our own mooring we will make use of the advice re 4g connections. Old-p I like your belt-and-braces style so will follow that too. We will certainly seek specialist advice from specialists in commercial mobile data solutions. I'd be a little doubting of standard companies appreciating the demands of installation in a steel, mobile Faraday cage that is the boat. Am I being too wary? Or can you helpful folks suggest companies you know have done that kind of set up before? How much do such companies charge? I get the impression that some people on this thread are maybe in the business and have kindly avoided plugging their own commercial interests - or perhaps are just knowledgable and helpful. But if any of you happen to be a "specialist in commercial mobile data solutions" who's also done boat set-ups feel free to message me direct off list. Thanks again you helpful people :o)
  2. Improving onboard Mobile communications

    So ... updating this thread to late 2017 what are the prospects in realreality (as opposed to salestalk and theoryland) of having a system that will reliably- and I mean reliably- support high speed simultaneous upload and download speeds that will not be challenged by, say, using something similar to Skype on one pc and e-mailing on another and then streaming Netflix in the evening. Is it realistic to look for that these days? What kit is best for this now? What are the ongoing costs now and which are the best plans in late 2017 for unlimited data usage (or very large: >50Gb/month) Like the music teacher who posted earlier in the thread this is a crucial thing for us. We would therefore seek to afford a good quality set up or at least the best we can. We need some media streaming several hours almost every day and reliable good quality video conferencing with qood quality video and sound that will not drop out; its a work thing: my partner and I are both psychotherapists who work online and a failed call interrupts treatment and could potentially leave a person in distress so it is vital the connection is rock solid and always available when needed. We're to be based at a permanent mooring but it has no existing Landline.