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  1. Hi Dr Bob. Which dual antenna from solwise do you use (there are many on their website and the technical details are like another language for me...)? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, i really appreciate all your responses. Lots to think about now 🤔 and I’m not a techy... I’ll very likely be north of Liverpool on the Leeds/Liverpool canal (Burscough area) or at some point next year on the Lancaster one. Any experiences how the connectivity is in that area? Again thanks for all of you helping!
  3. Hello, any experiences or advice around establishing a strong, stable internet connection on a boat? I’ll have to work from the boat (mainly Zoom meetings) and need the Internet to be reliable. I’ve read some posts on the web and in one a router called „Teltonika Rut 950 Dual Sim LTE“ was praised (in combination with an antenna on the roof). I am such there are other cruisers here that need good internet, what kind of gear works for you? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Do you have his email on here so that I can make contact directly?
  5. Thanks David, that’s every helpful!
  6. I’m looking for someone who could move my boat from Worcester to Burscough around end of March. I’d also like to accompany the person part of the way to get experience. Are there any people here who do that? Or people who know someone who does that? Also how long would it take (approximately)?
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