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  1. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    Thank you! I have had a second attempt today. They look better. But I still can't grasp the middle string, how to do the top part.
  2. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    Thanks for everyones help, here's my first attempt at the cabin strings. Have started one a second one. (Image with red background) This time have to make my crowning more even.
  3. Little One

    NB Effingham

    I will let you know how it all goes
  4. Little One

    NB Effingham

    How willing are you to shear these Looks like we are planning a trip in April to look at the archives in Chester, definitely will be interesting.
  5. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    Hi Pete, We have a photo of her with some on, this is what has inspired me to get practising them. Will have to wait an see how they turn out.
  6. Little One

    NB Effingham

    Hi Pete, I have just logged into Devs emails, and he feels quite foolish he somehow has missed the yard number! The timeline on the Effy site is based off what you had sent him. I believe his dad printed a shorten version and laminated it for him to keep on Effingham, which is the one I used to put on the website. This is the first time I have seen this and shall now however definitely be updating the timeline with all the information you sent him! In regards to how you found this information, I have found that Cheshire archives have copies of vessel registration from the Pimblotts yard. Have you been to see these?
  7. Little One

    Cabin Strings

  8. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    It's the first time i'v heard of them. I will have to flick through the website. Unforuntly London is a little far for me! Hopefully we are planning a trip on the themes next year. So there will be a lot of backwards an forwards on trains whilst we get the boat there. Might be a nice diversion for a couple of hours or so.
  9. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    I'v had a quick flick through his videos. There are a few good ones which i'v saved for later. After tackling these cabin strings for Effingham. Think my next project is maybe fenders.
  10. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    I remember visiting rope makers in Hawes when I was a child. Never thought at that point I would be interested in rope or even living on a boat! Looks like a trip is to be planned. Just want to learn as much traditional boat work as possible.
  11. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    I will have a look and see if I can find a pdf version before I buy the book, or have a hunt for it in a book store.
  12. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    Sadly on their site it says the are closed till the end of Febuary
  13. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    This is amazing, its very interesting too see the different lengths an thickness the used for straps and other thing. It gives an real insight to the olden days boating. It's brilliant what you can find when you start digging through archives.
  14. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    I have bought some 12mm cotton rope from http://www.ropeservicesuk.com/. 20 meters worth. Hopefully it is here before we set sail Friday to head to Audlum. Will have a look and see if I can find The Ashley Book of Knots. The more books the better
  15. Little One

    Cabin Strings

    Yes will be going to the port at easter. Very happy to be taught any sort of rope work, and how to improve it. - Thank you

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