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  1. Yes it is but there is no water supply to the tap or loo. Don’t know if this is permanent but suspect it is. Yes but I had passed them when I ran out. Don’t know about the caravan park, wouldn’t they only deal with smaller bottles?
  2. Hello all. Crooke Marina seems only moorings now. In Wigan we moored by the Dry Dock and got Boss Gas to deliver to the boat (small delivery charge). The reason for having both bottles empty was that we swopped them over in Liverpool Albert dock and was going to replace at next convenient point. The fuel boat in Liverpool doesn’t have gas. Unfortunately we must have had a gas leak because the second gas bottle ran out 4 days later on our way back to Wigan. There seems to be very few facilities between Wigan and Liverpool. I thought one of you might have known of one not marke
  3. Couldn’t find one.
  4. I am at Parbold heading towards Wigan and have run out of gas! Does anyone know if Crooke Marina sells gas, or the next available place where I can get some? thanks.
  5. Yes, I think maybe our best bet is the 'buddy system' on the L&L. Birmingham is a middle point - we want to go via the Oxford on to the Thames then to London then North to Rugby - we have 21/2 months. Going into Liverpool is something on my wife's wish list. She also has going past the Houses of Parliament on that list but I am resisting unless it is on someone else's boat ! Call me a coward if you must...
  6. Thanks all. We are pretty experienced boaters, having had our present boat for 8 years now and having used it about 2 months each year - but it is not totally reliable since it is used by others when we are not using it. When we take it over we have to sort out any problems before becoming confident. So a tidal river is not going to be an ideal testing ground. Thank you for the info re the Standedge tunnel guage - our boat is somewhat taller than standard so that might be a problem?! Maybe the Leeds and Liverpool all the way to Liverpool might be a better option. The only downside of tha
  7. Thank you all. Maybe the Huddersfield will be the choice since they are narrow locks - which we prefer. We are starting off in a couple of weeks so hopefully there will still be some water left for us.
  8. Thank you all. I should have said that I really wanted to go over the Pennines but there are about 4 options - via Skipton, via Rochdale Canal, via the Huddersfield the either Macclesfield or Bridgewater canals. I know there are lots of either locks and/or swing bridges and a very long tunnel depending upon route so what I would like to know is which of these routes would be easiest for us. I ask because we are both recovering from medical conditions that have set us back a bit and we are both in our 70s now so not quite so sprightly any more. We have done the Skipton to Wigan route befor
  9. Thanks I have heard that mooring on this route is difficult, is that not so?
  10. Thanks My boat is a 57ft narrowboat
  11. I intend travelling from Selby to Birmingham but cannot decide on the route! There seems to be at least 4 options. Has anyone advice on either easiest route or 'best' route? Thanks in advance John
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