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  1. I use HSBC.. with a boatmail account. The bank are well aware of my NFA circumstances and it is no problem at all. Any need for banking post and replacing lost cards etc can be forwarded to the most convenient branch. I've found them very helpful.
  2. Truly Awful behaviour. An arrogant, petulant and dangerous individual. Cruiser was well ahead. This is shocking footage showing someone behave in a manner likely to endanger people and craft. He is lucky the chap on the cruiser was so well behaved and tolerant.
  3. Thank you..i just might get there eventually.
  4. It seems the consensus is it not unusal. Oh well..nevermind. At least it is all easily accessible behind removable panels. And its really only the headlight i cant find, so I will just put in a new cable. Love the idea of using a compass...genius.
  5. I was hoping for something similair to a vehicle loom..even though me boat is 29 yrs old
  6. Not found any Knots / labels or anything to indicate whats what..long winter nights following wires around the boat ahead.
  7. Why is that? The problems aren't insurmountable. But knowing which cable went to my headlight, whilst i am in the engine bay several yards away would be helpful.
  8. Well I have been dealing with some wiring issues on me boat. Tidying up the rats nest of cables and putting in some new gauges and switches etc. My problem...all the wiring is either red or black or both spliced together. No colour coordination to assist in tracing stuff around..its been a right mare..Is this common practice or am I just blessed.
  9. I think that anyone who uses the canals has a responsibility to keep it tidy. Even if it means picking up litter and rubbish left by others. Whenever i go through Stamp End at Lincoln in particular, i take time to clear away rubbish and debris. I even try to collect it as I travel along. Same as i do when out walking my pooches and collect bags etc left behind.
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