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  1. A great big thank you to all those good folk who have taken the time to share their experiences and advice. We we will use this time in lockdown to digest everything and come to a decision. We will share with you that decision and any consequences from the potential adventure.
  2. Hi all you good folk. we are relitivly new to boating, we have a 58ft liveaboard in lock down at Kinver, but when all this covid has passed we would like to do the Kennet and Avon via the Seven and then back up the Oxford passing Banbury. We are aware that we can join the Seven at Stourport but not sure if it is possible/sensible to cruise all the way down to Bristol. We would love to hear from anybody who have done it or .could give us some advice. thanks in anticipation.
  3. My thanks to all those who have replied and those who will in the future.
  4. Has anyone got an opinion on the Teamac range of narrowboat paints?
  5. Has anyone got an opinion on the Teamac paint range for narrowboat painting?
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