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  1. Watched this myself a couple of months ago following me catching 'The man who fought the planners' mentioned earlier being shown on late night BBC4. Interesting guy whose comments on the canal and its place in the community were properly prophetic back then. Very much of his time, if not slightly before. Really funny to see him nearly skittle the lowly crew member off the gunwhale as he steps cheerfully off the bow. In today's TV world he'd have been on first name terms with his crew. Not a bit of it back then
  2. The one I looked at (Basic boat liability company) did cover wreck removal costs up to £50,000.
  3. Is it possible to get better than ‘third party only’ insurance cover on a 40 year old narrowboat with a hull thickness of less than 4mm? I can understand why fully comprehensive cover isn’t available, but is it possible to get cover for fire and theft too, accidental damage, theft of contents etc. In fact, everything that isn’t dependant on a 4mm thick hull. From the couple of companies I’ve spoken to it seems it’s either fully comp or third party only, nothing in between. Does anyone know different or have any experience?
  4. Absolutely! Chuffy is exactly it, cheers. Needs more chuffiness.
  5. Thought it would sound a bit less bangy and a bit more puffy. Although I don't know much about older engines, as you can possibly tell
  6. Well the answers have gone very much both ways. Got to make a decision and the decision is to give this one a miss. Too risky for me at the moment. Can't afford to make a mistake. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I hope to be getting my first boat soon. Have looked at quite a few now so have a good idea of what I'm after. There is a boat that looks just right from the advert but has been overplated. I haven't been to see it yet because the overplating is making me nervous. I have searched this forum and it looks like buying an overplated boat might be a gamble. It seems that a good overplating job would be fine but a bad one could be a disaster waiting to happen. My question here is whether it is possible for a surveyor to tell the diference? Apart from outer appearance of the welds, would it be possible to discover if the inner plating was deteriorating further, or if there was water between the new plate and the original? Or would it really be a gamble? Don't want to view the boat yet in case it is 'the one' because I'm not a gambling man. What do you think?
  8. OP here. Good to hear that others have had the same problem and have got by. Some useful advice also so cheers for that. Thanks to you lot I think I will be ok and there seems to be hope that my fear will start to go away with time. By the way, I had a walk up the Farmers Bridge locks on the BCN yesterday. Those things look like they would be a bit difficult. The top of the gate itself is the walkway and the handrail is very low. As they are all single gates I suppose they could be worked from the one side with no need to cross, all be it a bit more slowly with access to only half the paddles. I'm gonna be a right pain on the canals aren't I? Think I'm closer to giving it a go anyway.
  9. Wow that was quick. Thanks. I was hoping it would get better with experience and with some purpose as in working the lock. The not looking down is a fair point and I do try that but I have to look where my feet will go especially where mitred bottom gates meet and that is where the problems start. Trust me, I do hold onto the rail!
  10. Hi, noobie to the forum here. About at the point of buying my first narrowboat but there is a problem. I spend as much time as I can walking and cycling the towpaths near me. My problem has been with crossing lock gates. I have always had a problem with heights and am finding walking across the gates a bit scarey. I know it is all in the mind because I have no problem crossing the top gate with a full lock, but the same gate is a lot more difficult with an empty lock. Bottom gates with an empty lock I find horrible on narow canals and I have not managed to cross the bottom gates of an empty wide lock yet. I think I could just about manage to get a boat through locks as I am but I would not enjoy it. Wanted to know peoples experiences of this problem. Anyone had it and overcome it or does it stay the same or even get worse? Hoping for good news or ideas. Thanks
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