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  1. I run linux, and the linux live cd will allow you to look into other partitions on the drive. It's how i recovered files from my sons dead xp.
  2. The site just crashed firefox which in turn crashed my system when i tried to upload a photo?????
  3. BT internet adsl connection using firefox. Everything is ok except the galleries but you're sorting that out at the moment.
  4. speedy


    Mooring fees are basically a different name for rent yes? If so the fact that i pay £4000 a year for a poky 2 bed flat i'd happily pay half that!
  5. Nah, rovers don't float That'll probably be sunday when i get down there. You could always moor up and stay the weekend then the beers are on you
  6. Ta, i'll get me camera out and get down there. Who from here is going?
  7. Cosgrove has a caravan park within 500yds of the GU (near northampton).
  8. It's very rare i go on any sites that need tracing cookies, so i don't have any worries there.
  9. Never had any problems with either avg or adaware. Occasionally run spybot S&D and all that finds is tracing cookies that adaware didn't find. Clearing cache and cookies regulary can help with this. AVG & a weekly scan with stinger has always been ok for me, and have never really found anything nasty. In the last 4 years i've only ever had a pc crashed by a virus once. As i make regular backups and have a full installation cd of xp pro corporate edition, i can quite happily wipe the partition and start from a raw partition, without the need to keep activating upon every install.
  10. speedy

    ITs BACK!!

    I never even noticed it had gone down. Been so busy updating various websites i haven't had a chance to get on here.
  11. God knows how i missed this post but hey ho Camera mounted on a bike maybe
  12. Yeah it's ok when posting from webspace, just uploading from desktop that's the problem. I did try to see if i could post a pic on the jan competition by that linking from online image but it won't do it. Maybe as a temporary measure, remote image posting could be made possible?
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