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  1. Years ago I very succesfully rebuilt a wooden cabin top with Phenolic plywood. Quite expensive though.
  2. Thanks very much for all the advice. Much simpler job than I first thought.
  3. dudleyblake


    Does any one have any knowledge of Kirloskar (India made) diesel engines in narrowboats. I have one that I purchased many years ago with a manual gearbox only ever run for 50 hours, that I intended to put in a tug but never got round to it. The plate was removed from it and I cant seem to find it now so I have no details of HP etc, I do know it swung a largish propellor, was slow revving and it does look quite "vintagy" It looked immaculate when I bought it but is looking a bit sad now.
  4. dudleyblake

    Petter PH2

    Does anyone know of someone in my area (30 miles north of London), or someone that is prepared to travel, to set up correctly the fuel pumps /injectors etc of my electric start Petter Ph2 and get it running nicely?.
  5. A narrowboat that I am about to purchase has damage to the sacrificial couter baseplate on either side where the rudder has been hitting it almost wearing through the weld, There is a danger that this will soon wear through and the diesel tank which it is a part of will start leaking. The rudder is also damaged in the same way. I would like to know whether the damage can be repaired (pad welded) whilst there is diesel in the tank or should this be drained out?
  6. What you say is of course obviousl, but as stated it is a passenger vessel. It is basically a hull with a small canopy, no cabin or any facilities at all. so you could not spend the night on it, especially at my age and I would not like to leave it unattended overnight on a 9 day trip to and through London etc.
  7. We are purchasing a 37ft ex passenger boat which is currently moored on the Thames at Reading. The vessel currently needs work to be carried out on the engine, so is not mobile. Does anyone know of someone, or could assist themselves in towing the boat to Bishops Stortford on the Lee and Stort navigation (or even part way) we would of course pay for the service, and offer crew. Dudley (tel 01279 505921)
  8. Can anyone offer to tow our 37ft ex-passenger boat from above Tottenham locks to Bishops Stortford in the next couple of weeks. We can offer crew to assist. Tel Dudley on 01279 505921
  9. Thanks for all the information regarding my original post. I have now been offered an SL4 gearbox. Is this interchangeable with the LM100?
  10. Thanks so much. I have spoken with David Ormerod. He does not do exchange gearboxes now but as you say reconditions them. Cost between £500 and £750. Apparently he and companies like him are snapping up old Lister engine and gearboxes for spares as they are now becoming quite scarce. I suppose I need to come into the real world and pay the going rate. Regards
  11. I have a lifeboat with a Lister ST2 coupled up to a LM100 manual gearbox. The reverse gearbox needs freeing-up or replacing. I have had advice to sort this out .....draining oil applying heat, vinegar, etc. At the moment this does not seem to work so I may have to replace it (I can't find a second-hand unit for sale anywhere). I am absolutely amazed at the prices being charged by the specialist companies for an exchange unit, ie... Including v.a.t. prices I have been quoted range from approx £850 to £1100 and this is for the reverse gear only. For the reduction box as well £1200 to £1450. (These are hardly in the vintage category, and a vast quantity were made). It is almost makes sense to buy a replacement s/h Lister perhaps even with a Lister LH150 hydraulic box. I would be interested if anyone has any views on this
  12. Has anyone got for sensible money a Lister LM100 gearbox for sale. Alternatively a complete ST2 engine and LM100 gearbox or even any old lister with this type of gearbox.
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