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  1. I'm just in the middle of working on this, a print of it might just end up on my boats wall as I've nothing else up at the moment.
  2. Thanks Martin, I realise that I will have to move my boat every 14 days, not ideal but without a home mooring there aren't any other options. The Selby mooring isn't big enough I'm afraid, I was on the VM's there at the weekend and it's a nice place. I've had a look at the Bramwith mooring and love it down there. Unfortunately the mooring is right next to the lock and after speaking to other boaters down there was told that the reason that it became available was that the guy who had it was fed up of constantly being bashed into by people trying to moor up for the lock! If nothing becomes available soon though I may have to reconsider this one.
  3. Thanks Midnight, after fishing an old fridge out of Bank Dole lock, supvised by the local yoofs and closely watched by the police at the weekend, I can see why you wouldn't recommend stopping there! Is there much in the way of commercial craft on the A &C now? Bit worried about having pins ripped out.
  4. As the title says really! I'm currently looking for a home mooring on the Aire & Calder but am struggling to find one available and wondered where are the best places to moor (as a temporary cc-er) as all the visitor moorings are for 48 hours. If anyone has any knowledge of safe mooring spots in this area it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  5. Bank Dole lock on the junction of the Aire & Calder Nav onto the River Aire has to be one of the most depressing places on the system. To one side a bricked up and graffitied abandoned lock keepers cottage and on the other the chemical works overlook an abandoned caravan. Add in the police presence that was there when we passed through at the weekend and the fridge dumped back in the lock that we pulled out on a previous visit, we certainly won't be in a hurry to pass through again.
  6. Love it, maybe we could get lots of free sweets for the advertising! It may be some time before any money comes my way!
  7. Great name and as an aspiring artist it really appeals! Tomorrow is the day that we collect her and so we want to be sure about the name before we register her as ours. Having a wobble about Pomfret Venturer as a few people in RL have said that its a bit of a mouthful!
  8. I really like this idea. I actually have the original documents relating to all the conveyances that have been on our house and the land that it was built on. Looking at at them I can see that the land was known as "Little Cow Pasture" - I guess that it would make an unique boat name
  9. Thanks everyone for your input, it's been really helpful hearing different views and there have been some great suggestions. Pomfret is indeed Pontefract, home of Ponte races, the castle and Haribo! I suppose it's possible that we could be mistaken for fancy chip shop owners So after mulling on it overnight we have finally come to a decision, the boats new name shall be...... Pomfret Venturer A big thank you to Lady Cassandra for coming up with this combination.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. So many great ideas thank you everyone! Husband has just pointed out that as our son is a teenager we might not be a crew of three for very long and as we are not of any religious persuasion maybe Trinity is not the right name for us. We really like Pomfret Venturer though
  12. Claire de Lune is definately out then, can't be a traitor to my home county
  13. Thankfully we aren't superstitious! Thanks for the replies so far. Looks like it's going to be either Trinity or Venturer at the moment.....
  14. Hi there, After spending a few years searching for the right boat this week we should finally take ownership of our first boat. At present she has a name that is very personal to its owners and so we shall be looking to change it. After much consideration we have narrowed our preferred names down but cannot make the final choice. I'd love to hear what other people's thoughts are on our shortlisted names, for a bit of extra info, 1. Is the old English name for my husbands home town. 2. We will be a crew of three (me, my husband and son) 3. Cos we like it! 4. Only joking. Please, please, please do not vote for this! Thanks for looking, we are open to any other suggestions that you might have. P.S I know that the name is in the wrong place on the boat but it was the only pic that I had
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