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  1. 13 minutes ago, haggis said:

    We always seemed to be next to the lock wall and it was some distance to throw a rope up! Ours had a monkey paw on the end then a length of thin rope then the proper mooring rope.  


    If you had a proper heaving line, it probably wasn't coincidence you were one of the nominated line throwers!



  2. On 19/02/2024 at 08:29, IanD said:

    Same data speed, no registration -- just plug the SIM in and go.


    I've recently switched from Three to iD Mobile - a Three piggyback MVNO - and in the same device in the same location I get considerably higher data speeds on iD than on Three!


  3. On 08/03/2024 at 15:45, ditchcrawler said:

    Most places provide a clean bed, hot water and showering accessories for the money as well, they don't expect you to turn up with your own room for which you have already paid a grand to CRT for.  Mind you looking at it that way makes the CC surcharge look cheep   


    The Liverpool Hilton (30 yards and up a bit from where I usually moor in Salthouse Dock) charge around £200 a night.


    The first time I went in, Sid was concerned there was something wrong with the free electric because I didn't bother plugging in. (CCer so not used to having mains hookup available.)


    Some boaters apparently connect their shore power cable before their mooring lines!


    I preferred free for a week, but £15 a night isn't unreasonable.

  4. 12 minutes ago, nb Innisfree said:

    One upon a time I was chatting to a diy fitter who had a "fantastic" idea to cut all his bulkheads in one go, "save time" he said, fortunately for him  someone  pointed out  the variations in a hull, the look on his face was classic. 


    I like standing next to bonfires on boatyards, and when the ripped out bulkheads are well alight I ask if the keen novice boat owner used them as templates for the new bulkheads.


    I usually learn some new bad words about then ...

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  5. 1 hour ago, Alway Swilby said:

    We did think of taking a winter mooring in Liverpool and saving all our heating costs.


    Expensive in anodes though!


    I was speaking with a boater who got stuck in Salthouse after the end of their winter mooring a few years ago due to the lockdowns starting before the link opened.  They got an eye watering quote from the only crane on the dock, and ended up getting a diver to replace anodes in the water ...


    Others who planned ahead switched to zinc anodes before being moored in brackish water for a planned five months!

  6. 5 minutes ago, David Mack said:

    the introduction of a staircase pair in the middle of the flight, when there looks to be room to accommodate two single locks, has just added unnecessarily to the water consumption on the flight.


    Has it?  


    Surely we all understand that cycling a lock uses exactly that lock's volume (L x W x rise) of water.  I can't see why a staircase would use more than the suggested two locks worth of water.

  7. Dobson Lock services on the L&L.  Worst ever!


    We once interrupted a mate "filling" his water tank to get enough to fill a kettle.  Which took two minutes for a litre and a half ... he stopped bothering with his hosepipe, we didn't bother trying ours and we moved on.


    Talking to the CRT bloke we saw there, he laughed and agreed.  The maintenance yard are under strict instructions not to fill their kettle or wash their hands if someone is trying to use the shower!


    Apparently Yorkshire Water were complained at years ago, and to meet their own delivery targets (pressure at meter, not flow rate) they reduced the diameter of the supply pipes. 


    Good water pressure, job done ... I haven't ever tried that shower.



  8. 1 hour ago, Doodlebug said:

    So is there no version of an aga that is smaller but not so small as to be one of the mini boatman cabin range style stoves? 


    Yes there is.


    @casper ghost's parents had one on their boat, but I don't know what it was. He might!

    1 hour ago, agg221 said:

    Aga - no. Rayburn - look at the No.1 or the Regent,


    Must read down the thread before posting ...

  9. 9 hours ago, magnetman said:

    All I remember about physics was being told again and again that a white radiator was more effective than a black radiator. I was stubborn about the black radiator being more effective. 


    Teachers constantly told me that the white radiator is more efficient. I never believed them and had x marked on my tests. 







    I did the same on a physics paper.  I answered the question as written, then underneath corrected the question and answered that too.


    Yes, a black radiator is more efficient at radiating.  Most heat output from a domestic "radiator" on a central heating system is via convection though.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Tracy D'arth said:

    Its a Beta, check the multiplugs on the engine wiring loom for bad contacts.


    Also see if there's two multiplug connections! 


    I've been caught out by this before - there's sometimes an extended harness between the multiplug from the engine and the multiplug from the control panel.


    It depends how the engine installation was done.



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