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  1. 8 hours ago, Tony Brooks said:

    I would say that a heavily bow down cruiser was almost impossible to control directionally.


    Interesting that one Tony. I used to own a Nauticus 27 and the general advice was to add 200kg of ballast right in the bow - cutting through the cabin seat moulding to do so - to improve handling.


    I wasn't convinced at first, so I sat three people on the front and went for a cruise.  Then I cut the fibreglass and added steel weights, the handling was so much better.


    That was of course on one particular hull design, others will no doubt be different in trim and handling.



  2. 20 hours ago, widebeam maybe said:

    I've seen a boat i like, it's for sale at £175k, with the increase in mooring cost, license fee's, insurance etc that have recently been introduced to wide-beams i'm thinking that this boat is over priced, it's 2022 built and is exactly what i'm looking for and i initially offered £140k , and have now increased my offer to £150k.


    I understand your thinking on this, but not your maths.


    The "fatty" surcharge is a couple of hundred quid at current rates, and there's a lot of those in the 35 grand you knocked off the asking price.  About a hundred year's worth of current surcharges!


    You may object to the tone of some of the other replies, but they're generally agreed that you are looking at boats way over your budget even if you don't keep a contingency fund.


    Either find more money or look at cheaper boats would seem to be your valid options, even if it isn't what you hoped to hear.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Mac of Cygnet said:

    they would have probably been able to go round and take refuge on the Huddersfield Broad, which has a good landing stage at the entrance.


    That would be quite an exciting manoeuvre so close to the weir on red boards ...

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  4. 2 hours ago, Victor Vectis said:

    We also have, somewhere, some genuine Hudson false rivets. (None of your cheap, knock off false false rivets!)


    Wondering about sticking them on the bow with chewing gum to enchance the 'shiny boat' image.

    😃 😀 😃


    Just use the chewing gum as an ironic  homage to fake rivets ...

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  5. 1 minute ago, Alan de Enfield said:



    I thought it was quite clear - if the drain locker is below the water then a second or larger hole must be made.


    It the existing hole is (say) 50% covered by water then the hole will fail the dimensuional check, and, will need to be enlarged until the un-covered area is in excess of the dimensions required in 7:3:6


    Which raises the interesting point that if your boat sinks, the gas locker vents are underwater, so your boat is no longer compliant with the BSS.


    If your insurance company (eg Craftinsure) also require you to have a valid BSS to be insured...

  6. 3 minutes ago, Sea Dog said:

    I suppose everyone can get a bit frustrated with their other half now and again, but reaching for the cat-o-nine-tails is rarely an acceptable answer nowadays.


    Wokery and snowflakism I tell you.  Let the floggings continue until morale improves!



  7. 1 hour ago, cheesegas said:

    Lead acid batteries do not behave in this way as the electrolyte is water based.


    Uh, no.  The electrolyte in lead acid batteries is dilute sulphuric acid. 


    Heat that to 200°C and you get jets of boiling sulphuric acid. 


    Heat them to 400⁰C and you get the added bonus of vaporised lead ...

  8. 1 hour ago, blackrose said:

    I'm going to leapfrog lithium batteries and go straight into graphene battery technology when it finally arrives. It might take another decade or more!


    Dilithium crystals, that's the thing.  Approved by Scottish engineering officers across the known universe!

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  9. 4 hours ago, missingtheboat said:

    I anticipate that there will be periods where we want to leave the boat unattended for a day or two, maybe a long weekend, so I'd like enough battery power to leave it unattended without issues


    This may come as a shock, but if you're away from the boat the only power draw is probably the fridge if you left it full and switched on.


    All the other "normal"  power usage doesn't happen if you're not there to switch on lights, TV, washing machine, electric oven, hair straightening tongs, whatever. 


    Many older boats were/are left from September to April with one leisure battery left connected to the bilge pump.  Not great for battery life, usually eke three years out of a good one, but certainly not a concern for a long weekend away 


    Add solar and it's a complete non issue - come back from your weekend and it's likely the batteries are more charged than if you'd been there for the previous three days!

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  10. 1 minute ago, peterboat said:

    I have had some fun fact checking them about where it comes from! Which of course is palm oil, grown on land that was recently a rainforest. Of course the people and animals living there are now homeless or dead! These are easily checked facts, so nothing green or good from HVO made by Neste a Finnish fossil fuels company. 


    I think you're reading biased media again Peter. It's all made from certified used oils. 


    Exactly how used isn't specified ... One chip cooked once in a thousand litres of the oil might count as "used" 

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  11. On 16/05/2024 at 15:29, Alan de Enfield said:

    These are 1500 rpm jennifers, about 70 kgs heavier and around twice the price (as Ian says)


    A 6.5KVA is around £11000 + VAT, whilst a 4.5KVA 3000rpm is around £5000.



    Paguro 6500 Marine Generator — Advance Yacht Systems Marine Equipment


    Heh.  I was about to link to exactly that.  I'm pleased I continued to read the thread!

  12. 3 minutes ago, Up-Side-Down said:

    As it's a Crown Oil offshoot (who use HVO in all their tankers) I can pretty much assure you that it does. In my experience they put their money where their collective mouth is ... and, speaking of money, Crown have been very generous to the inland waterways in the past.


    Yeah I guessed they were a Crown related firm, if only because they seem to be the only supplier that has any!

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