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  1. 1 hour ago, Captain Pegg said:

    every pub in some villages is a Marston's house which will offer you the same choice of no less than four average-at-best-on-a-good-day brews, at least two of which will have once been a regional favourite - albeit possibly good, bad or indifferent - that is now homogenised and blandised* for national consumption. At least in my part of the Midlands the Marston's houses tend to sell Banks's products amongst their offerings.


    You may be pleased to hear that Marston's have just joined the SIBA beerflex scheme, so they will have access to a much wider range of guest beers from independent breweries in the future.

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  2. On 30/04/2023 at 16:49, Tony Brooks said:


    Thanks. Do you know how to use a length of strong cord to fit the window in the gasket to the cabin side? it is really a two-man job.


    I know how to do it, having done one of the two small windows on the Nauticus.


    When I sold the boat I gave the buyer the new seal for the other one ...

  3. 18 minutes ago, MtB said:

    I don't think suing CRT for unjust cancellation of one's licence and subsequent S.8 and loss of one's home translates easily into a sum of money due. 


    No, I agree.  The thousands of pounds deposit is only so the lawyers you instruct can buy newer cars!


    Just seeking redress against CRT for whatever perceived wrong they have done will cost tens of thousands of pounds and probably take two years to get a hearing.


    Assuming you won outright, the best you could expect is a ruling that CRT couldn't do whatever they did again but only to you. 


    To get a blanket ruling they couldn't do it to anyone else either would require a judicial review, so start adding extra zeros to the numbers above.

  4. 1 hour ago, MtB said:


    Lets imagine then that Mr Ward decides to challenge in the courts the (claimed) CRT cancellation of his license. How would he set about getting a court hearing? 


    Like MM, I'm just curious. 


    He has to sue CRT.  The thousands of pounds he was given to fix his boat last time would be the deposit on the fees ...

  5. 48 minutes ago, mike n said:

    Thank you all for the advice. The problem has been resolved. It was a faulty main battery isolator switch. 


    It's usually the first thing to check - many of them are rubbish!


    I've replaced all mine with proper grown up switches as I got tired of wiggling the keys in the bad ones.

  6. 4 hours ago, MtB said:


    My 68ft boat seemed a LOT bigger inside than my current 57ft.


    Seemed far more than 11ft bigger. When I sold it, I reckon could have added £20k to the value by having it shortened by 11ft.


    It's funny how perception works.


    When I had the Nauticus 27 with a 16 foot cabin, I'd often get people with 60 foot narrow boats comment how spacious it was!


    The benefits of having a yacht designer doing the layout I suppose.  Every square inch was used two or three ways.


    5 berth, two two seater dinettes that were two of the berths and could be beds or sofas, cabin seating for 10, cockpit seating for 5.


    Tradeoffs were a 4 foot galley with a sink cover or the stove cover as the only worktop space and the heads were smaller than my current wardrobe!


  7. 7 hours ago, Captain Pegg said:

    For 99.8% of the time I have owned my boat it has been fitted with two centre lines that are not long enough to reach the prop. Yet I have still managed to end up with one of my own centre lines around the prop. 


    Bad first trip? 😁

  8. 1 minute ago, cuthound said:

    The only time I have had a rope wrapped around the prop which then stalled the engine, the rope had a fender attached to it!


    Hah. I see your fender and raise you a grappling hook.


    An official CRT volly one just to add insult to injury!

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  9. 2 hours ago, Alan de Enfield said:

    We have one each which we use for Hiking, Horse riding, Boating and Diving. 

    They are waterproof to 1atm (10 metres) but I keep mine in a pressure resistant carrier so it will still be OK deeper when subject to higher pressures.


    Seems a bit cruel to the horse riding under 30 feet of water ...

  10. 10 minutes ago, M_JG said:

    Interesting, you too think its OK to mock somebody posting on here as an April fool?


    No Martin, that's all in your head. Again.


    I was simply agreeing with Matty that this was yet another of your attacks on Mike, and I fully expected you to sulk about my comment. 


    12 minutes ago, M_JG said:



    I couldn't agree more, but I think you're ranting at the mirror...


  11. 3 hours ago, Loddon said:

    I assume you have googled it ;)



    3 hours ago, magnetman said:

    I didn't. 


    You really want to watch the videos available based on the #wankpanzer tag search.


    Enlightening is the word.  I suspect the previous generation of BMW drivers have "upgraded" to Range Rovers ....

  12. On 21/04/2023 at 17:00, Emonaboat said:

    My neighbour has decided to moor his boat across the only entrance to the marina, completely blocking access in and out.  He says he will move his boat out of the way whenever is needed, but doesn't always


    Ask him to move, then instead of going out moor in the entrance yourself.


    It probably won't help, but the look on his face should be priceless!

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  13. 1 hour ago, Rob-M said:

    Is it some of the old warehouses by Gloucester Docks...?


    That's my first thought.


    There's some similar in Liverpool but I don't think they have as many stories.

  14. 21 minutes ago, noddyboater said:

    Didn't I read that empty barges would go down the deep end of Averham Weir to avoid Newark town and Nether locks? 

    Does sound a bit unlikely to be honest. 


    Certainly empty boats went backwards over Crown Point Weir at Leeds on a Monday morning if there was enough fresh on the Aire. 


    Backwards so that if it wasn't quite enough water the prop was in the wet stuff and could drag the nose off the shelf!

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  15. 6 hours ago, magpie patrick said:


    Is Tewitfield north of Ripon? I haven't checked. 


    Yes.  Ripon used to be the northernmost point on the connected system, but the Ribble Link made the Lancaster Canal technically connected.


    The Lanky lot are still moaning about the sudden jump on their boat licence fees!



    7 hours ago, magpie patrick said:

    Par Canal


    That's quite enough of that language on the forum 😁

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