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  1. 3 hours ago, M_JG said:

    being a smaller compartment they use less leccy, which if you are paying for it is an advantage.


    3 hours ago, M_JG said:

    But if you generate your own power as on a boat with solar this isnt really a relevant factor.


    Hard disagree!  If you make your own electric from sunshine/wind/magic pixies as opposed to hookup or otherwise wasted diesel while cruising you are far more likely to want to save every precious kWh....


    In summer it's less of an issue, so can someone arrange summer to happen please. Soon would be good!

  2. 19 hours ago, PeterF said:

    We have been offered Hempadur 45143 and Hempel said it was good for use on other 2-pack epoxy blackings as long as the previous coat was adherent and was mechanically abraded before coating. The work is planned for next year so I do not have proof of this.


    I've done this over a previous, no longer available 2-pack.  It does need to be thoroughly cleaned before and after grinding/ abrading and I've only lost bits of it where bits of canal infrastructure got in the way ;)


    I've used it, and this technique of several other boats too and have always been pleased with the results.


    Usually get it from King's Lock chandlery, and will use it again next time.

  3. 1 hour ago, IanD said:


    Don't follow the advice of a well-meaning idiot and put two turns round it "to make it easier to hold" though... 😉


    Put them the correct way round and they shouldn't bind.  


    Still need watching though, and I'm aware you nearly came unstuck once when one of your crew was given that advice by the aforementioned idiot.


    I wouldn't do in a lock without leaving more slack than the maximum possible rise though!


  4. 27 minutes ago, Goliath said:

    Imagine the inevitable complaints and moaning to come their way from those who don’t get their voucher but reckon they should


    I'm predicting an increase of at least £600 on CCer's licences - CRT said they'd let us know by "summer" and it's nearly September now ...



    39 minutes ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    How they finally define eligibility will be interesting - expect cries of anguish if it requires acceptable cruising movement according to their records...


    I'm waiting for the cries of "not fair" from those who didn't have a licence at all between February and May!

  5. 5 minutes ago, MartynG said:

    It is possible to  put your rope around the slider and  back to a cleat on your boat . Not tied off necessarily but taken around the cleat sufficiently such that the strain is taken by the rope and not by your arms. Just keep an eye on the rope around the slider to see it isn't snagged..




    1 minute ago, haggis said:

    Yes, I would have done that if I had realised that the lock was going to be filled so quickly 😄.  Now, I tend to do that as a matter of course in operated locks. Not going to have my arms pulled out of my dockets twice ! 


    It always irritates me when I see people stood next to a perfectly good bollard or ring struggling to hold their boat on a line.  Pick a windy day near a lock and you'll see nearly all boaters do this. 


    I get odd looks when I stick a turn round a bollard and stand there holding the line with my thumb and one finger for long enough to prove the point before tying up and wandering up to the lock to sort out the chaos help the other boaters.

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  6. 3 hours ago, MtB said:

    I suspect not. Is the scheme not 'per household'? 


    I got the payout at my hovel via the leccy account so that's my household paid out. Whatever mooring or CC status my boats have becomes irrelevant. Unless you reckon each of my boats ought to qualify as a separate household! 


    Depends how you look at it.  Didn't all second/holiday homes which had an electricity supply contract get the money on the original scheme from last October?


    I think it was deemed cheaper to hand over the £400 than to set up a system to check who got what.


    Boats may legally be lived on on the canals if they have either a full residential mooring or if they are declared as CCers/ no home mooring.


    After a year of scratching their heads, this is what the government have come up with.  It sounds harsh, but those who live "under the radar" on leisure moorings are not currently recognised as a group by officialdom.


    If they become recognised they may get thrown off the mooring and/or have to pay backdated Band A council tax ...

  7. On 16/08/2023 at 09:18, frangar said:

    How this going to apply to people like me that have a “high use” mooring I wonder?? The boat is my main residence but I’m not a CC. I wonder if anyone has thought about this? There’s plenty like me at this mooring alone. 


    Yes, they've thought about this.


    You will not be eligible for this voucher if you have a permanent home mooring and did not apply before the scheme available to you closed.




  8. Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding




    The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero will be providing a £600 energy bills support payment to boat dwellers who were unable to receive payment through the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS AF) and the Alternative Fuel Payment Alternative Fund (AFP AF). Eligible households will need to have held a continuous cruising licence (6 or 12 month) with the Canal and River Trust (the Trust) while the EBSS AF scheme was open. 


    This support will be provided in the form of a one off £600 voucher which will be sent out by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to eligible continuous cruisers in the coming weeks (further detail will be provided shortly).


    The £600 combines the £400 EBSS AF and the £200 AFP AF support, with no need to supply receipts for alternative fuel use.


    To be eligible, each household will need to have held a Trust licence as a continuous cruiser for a minimum of one day between 27 February 2023 (when the EBSS AF launched) and 31 May 2023 (when the EBSS AF closed).



    (Extract from an email I have just received.)

  9. On 14/08/2023 at 15:29, GBW said:

    I have two identical buttons adjacent to each other, one for start, the other for stop


    Could be worse, I have two identical buttons for engine stop and the horn.


    It got exciting when a friend steering my boat into a potentially sticky situation pressed the wrong one.  A horn signal would have been much more use than stopping the engine!

  10. 3 minutes ago, IanD said:

    unlike wearing a bike helmet, none of those safety devices increase the chance of you having an accident in the first place... 😉


    Parachute might.


    Most people don't wear them unless they are intending to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane ...

  11. 41 minutes ago, LadyG said:

    I moor up at the CRT services and empty it every time I pass one 


    It doesn't need to last a week if you empty it every time you pass one ...



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  12. 6 minutes ago, MtB said:


    Flexible hoses are (supposedly) ok for "portable" appliances IIRC. 


    A gas hob is not "portable".


    7.9.6 Do ‘all-hose’ systems comply with ISO 10239?


    In addition to the general hose Requirements at Checks 7.9.1, 7.9.2,

    7.9.3 and 7.9.5 ‘all-hose’ hose assemblies must comply with ISO 10239

    as follows:

    • each length of hose must be jointless from within the cylinder

    locker or housing directly to the individual appliance or appliance

    isolation valve; and,

    • hoses must have permanently attached end fittings, such as

    swaged sleeve or sleeve and threaded insert (worm-drive clamps

    are not permitted); and,

    • hose connections must be readily accessible; and,

    • hoses must not be routed through an engine space; and,

    • hoses must be supported at least at 1m intervals.

    On ‘all-hose’ systems there must be no LPG pipes.

    All hose systems are only permitted where the cylinder(s) is located

    within a locker or housing.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Tony1 said:

     a liveaboard couple who only had one or two bags of coal aboard. When I asked them why so little, they said they passed a place selling coal every few days, so they saw no need to stock up. 


    They've not been frozen in yet then ...



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