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  1. I think that restriction occured some years ago. I remember mooring there overnight on a number of occasions with no issues, but the last time resulted in some woman on the balcony of one of those flats throwing her cigarette butts on our roof. "Serves you right - you shouldn't be mooring there" was her response.  Not good behaviour on her part, but I suspect something had precipitated it and the inconsiderate few had once again screwed it up for the rest of us with those residents. :(

  2. 15 minutes ago, Tony Brooks said:

    The further it is from the tank, the more resistance to flow (under suction). Also, if you run out of water or drain down the more air it has to shift before it manages to get any water.

    This ^^^^


    My own pump is close to the tank and I still had an issue with the original pipe from tank to pump narrowing under suction as it aged. Cured by replacing it with a wire spiral reinforced hose, which isn't cheap over a long run. Whilst you could use tough plastic water pipe as the feed, it's best if the pipes either side of the pump are flexible and have a loop to help isolate noise and vibration.

  3. 13 hours ago, Loddon said:

    15 or so years ago when diesel was 24p I swapped from an Old Dutch diesel stove to a Charnwood County multifuel stove. The money saved in the first winter paid for the stove and install.


    And whilst the cost of diesel and solid fuel might have changed quite dramatically, a bag of solid fuel last me roughly two and a half days. Even at the £15.80 for 20kg of Excel I just paid, 60 hours of diesel can't compete on cost. However, whilst the current publicity about solid fuel and woodburner emissions is to do with atmospheric pollution, there is little doubt that the particulate contamination inside the boat must be quite high when burning wood or solid fuel and it's doing us all no good.

  4. 51 minutes ago, Machpoint005 said:

    I would think it's cheaper to rip out a solid fuel stove and replace it completely.


    Two and a half grand for a diesel Bubble Corner Stove like my current solid fuel version. I'd have thought it possible to mitigate at least some of that cost by already having the same case. I suspect if there isn't a solution as of now it's down to lack of demand so far, but market conditions appear to be on the move.

  5. I've had a common or garden car wash type sponge under the bench in my cratch for years so, whilst I have seen the sponge break up phenomenon before, I haven't had it on the boat. I can only assume it's a storage issue rather than that I've found a magic sponge. I'd start with avoiding UV as already suggested, cos it's hard to beat the ubiquitous (and cheap) big yellow oblong sponge for so many purposes, not least mopping up.

  6. 1 hour ago, IanD said:

    As so often people are arguing back and forth and saying "a normal calorifier works just fine for me, why do anything different?" -- while ignoring what he actually asked for... 😉

    Well yes, I see your point, but you have to allow that, when people ask for the moon on a stick, others might be tempted to suggest something rather more easily achieved. 


    It's unclear to me whether he's replacing a perfectly good calorifier specifically to achieve something more or because its a duffer that needs to be replaced anyway so he's looking at whether something more is possible (where, as you say, a larger calorifier might well help). I suspect this is why there are many who suggest it may be more expeditious to explore how he might best use his current set up rather than rip out what works well for most.


    Personally, I don't think that matters too much: I think I'd be happiest with the a mix of suggestions and discussions so I could chose the way forward that best achieved the outcome I was seeking, rather than proposals which only told me how I might achieve my own first thoughts.

    (Any red text entirely unintentional - no idea where that control is!)



  7. 10 minutes ago, IanD said:

    Because to heat a full tank up from cold to hot -- not just enough for one shower by heating the top bit -- takes a lot longer than 30-45mins. It certainly did on all the boats I've ever been on which had these fitted.


    Warming up enough of a tank still full of tepid water from the previous day to shower temperature for one -- sure, that's quick. Heating up a full tank which was emptied of hot water by multiple showers the previous evening -- not so quick. It all depends what you want it to do... 😉

    Perhaps I'm at cross purposes: I was thinking the guy wanted a morning shower. An hour of the Eber in winter gives us a warm boat whilst  the stove is getting back up to speed and showers for 2. With all but the bathroom rad off in the summer it obviously takes a bit less, closer to the 30-45 mins @Alan de Enfield suggested. I don't expect to have a full tank of hot water to last 24 hours from that, but then it's easy to give it longer or a second session later in the day for more hot water on hand. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Alan de Enfield said:

    On later boats with a cauliflower we used a Webby or Eber, clicked it on whilst still in bed & 30-45 minutes later a tank of hot water.


    What is the problem ?

    Bu¢¢ered if I know, 'cos mine's the same. I reckon most boats with an Eber or Webby and a standard off the shelf twin coil cauliflower do this. As ever, just finding and following the well trodden path really is usually the best approach.

  9. I've had no issues with 3 labradors (consecutively not concurrently) who have all taken to the boats like ducks to water. Cats are more independently minded so, whilst some are clearly cut out for boating life, the number of waterside "wanted" posters suggests many go a wandering with scant regard for the Ship's programme.

  10. 22 hours ago, Tony1 said:


    I know that some travel/health insurance providers now make it much more expensive for older people to get health insurance for travel around  Europe, but I would have thought the UK/Irish CTA (with its reciprocal health agreement) superseded the need for health insurance in Ireland- which tbh was why I was thinking of Ireland anyway.

    I can no longer afford health insurance cover for long term travel within Europe, so I was hoping Ireland would be the affordable option to spend longer periods of time abroad.

    Oh God, how small have our travel horizons become when we cant afford a trip to Dublin.


    Check out the GHIC which has replaced the EHIC. I found the following explanation:


    The GHIC, like an EHIC, covers you for emergency medical treatment when you’re in the EU. It covers the treatment of a chronic or pre-existing medical condition that becomes necessary during your visit.


    The GHIC can also cover oxygen and kidney dialysis, but you will need to pre-book these treatments before you depart for your trip.


    It’s also important to remember that each EU country’s healthcare system is different and you may have to contribute to some of the cost of your care – like locals do.

  11. 5 hours ago, Morris said:

    Might see if I can contact someone at Victron to ask about it.

    There's a sort of tech support forum / messaging system on their website. Easy to find... if you go in the right way. I've used it before when setting up a Bluesmart solar controller and the help was both quick and effective.  Their manuals are not as good as Mastervolt, but they are streets ahead on tech help. 

  12. 13 minutes ago, Morris said:


    Thanks for the reply dave, that suggests to me that the buzzing isn't normal then. I've got FLAs so just using the normal charging profile. No solar or anything else getting involved in the charging whilst it is on.

    There's a transformer inside so a quiet buzz, a bit louder when first switched on or under heavy load is not unexpected. Indeed my own Victron IP22 Bluesmart 30 amp version does it. It's not intrusive though, in fact barely noticeable. I've never heard the fan cut in.

  13. 2 hours ago, BEngo said:

    I once saw a 750 kW generator and it's diesel engine (Paxman Ventura) after it had been unintentionally paralleled with the mains whilst about 90 degrees out of phase.  The whole kit and caboodle had gone walkabout from its mounting wrecking both diesel and generator.  The surrounding compartment was not much improved either.



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