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  1. Many thanks for suggestions but no, it's not Idle Women, they've read that one too. Yes, research on google and amazon threw up some interesting ideas but no mention of this book. I'm guessing it's been out of print a long time, they must have stumbled upon an old copy.
  2. Does this book title ring any bells for anyone? It's about women bargees in the Midlands in WW2. We met a couple trying to trace it (they owned a copy about 10 years ago) and it has to be this one as it mentions the butcher in Atherstone who used to help the women with extra rations. I've tried all the obvious routes and Mick Vedmore of the canalbookcollector blog has checked the other titles for mention of Atherstone - nothing there. Does anyone remember it?
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. Eleanor is BW 63616 hope this helps. Thanks again Athy for suggesting the forum.
  4. My boat Eleanor is a 45ft cruiser stern with fibre glass top. I want to restore the interior to nearer its original state. I wondered if anyone had original brochures or photos that would help. We have managed to reveal the original formica and melamine and wondered what the flooring would have been. The boat was made in 1974. I apologise in advance if this is off topic.
  5. mazer

    Prop creep

    Thanks Bizzard I was just wondering about that. Perhaps you should add mind reader to your profile. Regards Mazer
  6. mazer

    Prop creep

    Thanks Bizzard. There seems to be some play in the morse control but even when the gearbox control is vertical there is still creep. So I'll flush out and refill the box hopefully that will cure it.
  7. mazer

    Prop creep

    Thanks Paringa, I am already feeling better.
  8. mazer

    Prop creep

    Hi I have a lister sr2 coupled with an LH150 hydraulic reversing gearbox. While checking the engine I noticed that the prop shaft did a complete revolution on starting up (in neutral) then started to creep very slowly. I have checked the oil levels in the gearbox and clutch and they're both normal. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Mazer
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