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  1. Hi Alan the whole point of the temporary installation regs is that you cant go wrong if you buy an off the shelf cable from a reputable supplier. There is no installation rating factors as it cant be installed . And ASAP are right in that their cable is suitable for use upto 29 amps in certain situations but a shoreline for a boat is not one of them.
  2. Hi Alan i posted that reg as that is the correct BS for the cable we are discussing. I would be very surprised if there is not more to that iso than you posted. It seems that you are saying it is ok to use any old bit of cable and any old connector and they don't need to conform to any specification. Could i use a bit of old speaker cable ? I know i would not be able to on a caravan .
  3. Sorry to the original poster for taking this thread off topic. Hi Allen I think this has gone on enough now but here is how British standard sees it and this is the regulation we should follow about cable rating for the use we are discussing. IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008+A3:2015) - SECTION 708 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS IN CARAVAN / CAMPING PARKS AND SIMILAR LOCATIONS BS7671 IET regulations electrical installations in caravans & motor caravans. 721.55.2.6 Table 721 - Minimum cross-sectional areas of flexible cords and cables for caravan c
  4. Hi I didn't mean to suggest your lead needed to be PAT just pointed out that it could never pass one as it not safe.
  5. Just to add a 32a to 16a unfused cable can never pass a PAT test for very good reason.
  6. Most boats are setup with enough circuits to draw more than 16a if aloud to do so.it sounds like your boat may only have just one 16a rated circuit on it feeding all 240 v appliances but this is far from standard.even if that is the case the 16a plug and cable feeding it are still unprotected. The 10a rated cable in that extension is protected by a 10a fuse so is safe.Connecting a 16a rated cable and connector to a 32a fuse is not safe.
  7. I am not sure what a normal 8 amp domestic extension is but if you can plug it into 13amp socket the cable will be protected by a suitable fuse.
  8. Using a 32a to 16a unfused lead is not a good idea and against all regs.if anything did happen to your boat it would not be insured.just seemed worth ponting out as I have seen it end badly before.
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