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  1. Synthetic hemp a polypropylene rope isn't it? I think the op has nylon ropes
  2. Jaguars are terrible. I would not touch one with my barge pole. Well... maybe a decent XJS V12... Modern Aston Martins are terrible too imo
  3. I've been looking at ac for my barge. I noticed forum member Loddon's old boat Parglena has a roof mounted Electrolux (or similar) unit. Similar boat to mine but I've been considering a 12000btu window mounted unit. Its proper air con like the split systems but with a single unit weighing around 50kg. I'd Mount it in the front doors - boat access is via wheelhouse at the back so it might be more awkward on a narrow boat I guess. I have seen an 'air force' split system on Nb on mains electric with the external unit under the scratch but don't know how good it was... I think for btu calculation to cool an insulated steel box you just use what they recommend for a conservatory. MtB 34 degrees??? That's too hot! A window ac unit http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271550481828&globalID=EBAY-GB
  4. OK Nigel Moore thanks anyway for tripping me up I definitely seem to think signage is relevant to mooring restrictions and I was a little worried by your scan but i am not on the ball sorry about that.
  5. I thought it was cast iron but not really sure on that Looking at it carefully now I'm on the laptop not the phone it looks like it was broken at some point and welded up again, followed by a failure of the weld. I'm sure it was a broken mount, cast, which has been welded up to repair it. there seems to be a supporting web which has also broken. and a weld around to the right of the flexible mounting bolt. cast iron mount which has shattered and been bodged back together i reckon.
  6. Fair point but my theory is if CRT can invite loads of people onto the cut under the impression its really cheap to keep a boat then force them into marinas (BWML or NAA fee) by severely restricting mooring times then they end up with more money. What do they (boat owners) do? sell the boat or pay the extra? Maybe its not a sound business plan but in the end you do have to keep a boat somewhere or sell it. Its not a congestion issue in my view it is a money issue. to be able to store a boat for 365 days a year for less than a thousand pounds is too cheap !! surely edited to remove a bit of extraneous text which appeared for some unknown reason
  7. The boat seems to have been lifted out by the Loch Ness monster sorry but it seems to be above the waterline. apologies if I'm being fick
  8. I feel the 'problem' that needs to be sorted is that the Canal and River Trust need more money. Its not very compicated. Limiting mooring times will force people to seek alternatives and when it comes to storing a boat which is quite a large object alternatives usually cost money. Or is CRT simply designed to fail to be followed by a sell off and private contractors collecting mooring fees from anyone daring to stop for more than 5 minutes on their land?
  9. Yes I think thats it Nigel Moore Thanks. don't know if it makes any difference but if there were signs saying 24 hours regularly (maybe every 45ft to account for averge length of narrow boats) then nobody would be legally entitled to stay any longer. IT would also be good for sign making businesses of course. I suppose a sign saying 'no mooring stakes' would be equally effective in certain places.
  10. Problem is that CRT don't log all the motor scooters dumped in the canal so there is no way of knowing the 'depth' and people still dump things like broken safes and anything else which sinks in the cut. Its "canal fill" an alternative to "land fill" I once had 3 of them (vespa type scooters) out with the grappling iron, in the same place. Two of them were old but one was very new.
  11. I'm sure there is wording in the 95 act to the effect of ,"when local signage indicates otherwise" Ever since they first worded that act I have felt that just putting signs everywhere dictating 48hrs or whatever would be the way to sort out the "problem" Must check the exact wording
  12. What inverter have you got? Sounds fine if you have a decent inverter (800w pure sine I'd say to be safe) Actually if its just a heating system then modified sine would prob be OK. I don't know because both my daughters were 100% breast fed no bottles ever. (Not by me I must add )
  13. I differ too in that I think more like 600mm to 700mm is better. Depends on the boat but wider means more space I also think a wider top looks a lot better. On some boats but not all. Probably comes down to personal preference in the end. Look at a lot of boat pictures
  14. Very low hours on this engine apparently. drilling 12mm holes through the baseplate? ? I think its a badly cast (?) engine mount which has just failed
  15. I'm impressed the way it has just snapped Could bad alignment do that? On rubber mounts? The mount seems to have lifted, it really looks like something got wedged in the prop.. I suppose another possibility is that the engine was dropped before or during installation. I just can't see that thing shearing off like that without serious impact, or very low quality materials, or very old engine/loose mounts.
  16. Trailer ? I think the potential for damage on a GRP vessel on canals would make it worth trailering the boat to the nearest coast then sailing it the rest of the way as you seem to be confident in the sea passage. Its going to be quite easy to damage bilge keels on the cut. 24ft is a bit big but I think it would go on a trailer behind a 4x4
  17. Have you looked at the others? I would ask for all 4 to be done in case it was a dodgy batch. If possible.
  18. What engine is it ? Are they replacing whole lot?
  19. It happened in Neutral? Must have been cracked for a while and just suddenly failed.
  20. As I said it might be in trouble so definitely good to report it anyway
  21. That and I hate marine toilets Perfectly happy with a Thetford but I don't like any of the marine pump out systems.
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