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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. If you change the lock house for a water mill it could be Cookham lock from downstream. The church in the background is not far off. I can't think of any locks on the River which had a mill right beside the lock like that. Usually they are more distant. Poetic license me thinks. River Wey seems an interesting possibility.
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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Perhaps an imitation of Constable's Dedham lock and mill painting. The wheel being added to make it look more interesting. Or it is on the river Wey. Constable: I don't know about painting but it seems plausible that if there was a famous popular painting one might consider copying it and altering some of the details in order to sell some paintings.
  6. I remember when all that was just tower blocks. Somewhere near Dalston?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Of course one must not forget that the bottom of the gate is held in place by a pot and pintle arrangement, the pivot point. Once these start wearing out (especially the pot) the mitre seal will be in the wrong place and the gates will leak. I'm not sure if pot replacement is still done regularly or if this is overlooked in favour of using a power tool to reprofile the mitre faces. They do eventually split apart if not replaced. The GU pots are rectangular iron about 4.5 x 3.5 inch with a 2 inch hole in the centre for the pintle. Not that much to play with as the round hole starts going oval with wear. I've had broken ones out with the magnet before now and also well worn ones which have obviously been replaced.
  11. Don't forget BOE independence. A lesson in how to screw the future generations for decades. Interest rates should be controlled by government not bankers.
  12. It is exactly that. deleted blah blah blah off topic. I'd just make it so each individual is allowed to own one property. Thats it. One.
  13. Fill in the canals, linear housing on spare land, 2ft wide duck channel/water transfer with flat bridges every hundred yard to stop idiot paddleboarders. Cycle lane one side footpath other side. Locks to remain in place and be converted to picnic areas with interpretation boards. You could fill the lock in almost to the top and lawn the inside. Just keep a foot or so of the edging around the top for effect. Regents canal can be the first one to go. What a nice park that would be for the locals to use.
  14. If you only open the other gate a little bit it will often be drawn against the side of the boat anyway as you leave the lock. What they should really do is ban narrow boats on broad canals.
  15. Maybe section IV covers it ? If you left one lock gate closed someone else might collide with it. (1993 Thames byelaws) Operation of locks weirs and sluices 49 (a)No person shall (i) open or close or attempt to open or close the gate of any lock except by the means provided for that purpose or before the water is level on both sides of the gate; (ii) draw or operate any sluice until the lock-gates are closed; (iii) operate or leave open any sluice so as to waste water; (iv) operate or leave open any lock-gate so as to risk causing any hazard or unreasonable hindrance to other users of the river or its banks towpaths or footpaths; (v) operate any sluice otherwise than by means of the handle or other device normally used for that purpose; (vi) cause or allow any vessel in their charge to remain in a lock or channel or cut leading to and from the same longer than is necessary for the convenient passage thereof except when permitted by the Authority
  16. If you automate the gates so that they open fully without an operator you introduce the risk of crushing anyone who falls in between the gate and the lockside. This is why the system on powered locks requires an operator to be holding the button down and it would not be appropriate to enable full opening with operator not present. I think some locks in France might be fully automatic but the French do have a completely different attitude to H&S to the British. Ah. The hitcher poles. Is the "system" being referred to? They do make opening the other gate easier but by no means obligatory. I'm wondering if it is in the byelaws that both gates must be open. Hmm. Not sure.
  17. OK. The EA do not have a "system of not allowing nb on its 14ft beam locks to pass through a single gate". There is a system called a "Lock keeper" but if they are not there you can open one gate and go through it (referring to balance beam locks from Kings to St Johns). I misunderstood the point being made. It sounded like there was an interlock system of some sort whereby one could not only open one gate. There isn't. People in narrow boats routinely pass through single gates on the locks above Oxford if there is no lock keeper there. It happens all the time. As I said in my non-constructive response, the hydraulic powered locks are on power 24/7 regardless of whether there is a keeper on. You CAN open the gates partly and take the boat through, sliding against the mitres if you want to. There is no system to prevent you doing this because the gate power circuit requires a constant button press and does not complete the opening cycle without an operator on button. Therefore you can just stop the gates whenever you like. People do this regularly. It damages the hardware. The only system which can ensure that gates are always fully opened is a Lock Keeper.
  18. Just in case you missed it on the other thread the Equus is now advertised for sale by Commercial Boat Services along with the two L&L shortboats. https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/dealer/commercial-boat-services-411072/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgvjPmobT-wIV0N_tCh28VwGVEAAYASAAEgKewfD_BwE No sign of the one you are after but just thought it was interesting. It was mentioned in the historic boats for sale thread.
  19. First point. Above Oxford (Kings lock and up to Lechlade) the locks are balance beam type with no hydraulics so it is obviously possible, while there is no lock keeper in attendance, to just open one gate and go in through the single gate. The locks are not actually 14ft wide they are all wider than that. Second point. Hydraulic locks (Godstow down to Teddington). The reason the EA do not permit vessels to pass through single gates or gates which have not been fully opened is that a gate strike would damage the hydraulic ram. It isn't about damage to gates themselves or leakage it is about causing damage to the rams and associated fittings. It is also rather unusual for a hydraulic lock to have one gate fully open while the other stays shut. Generally (not always) they open at more or less the same speed. Out of lock keeper hours when public power is in operation there is nothing to prevent people from opening the gates as much or as little as they wish but it is bad practice. Gates should always be opened all the way regardless of size of vessel.
  20. Another reason for Renown not being a butty is that when it was originally built there were no motorised boats to pair it with. It is a horse boat.
  21. Sorry I did miss your post. 100/30. 2 x 36v panels in series. It can be worth limiting the current output in some situations if you actually don't need it. You can then use thinner wires. Another one of my controllers is a 50a version connected to a pair of 415w panels. I do not currently need the full output from these large panels in the summer so I have limited it to 25 amps via the Victron app partly on account of the wire size from controller to battery terminals. If I required more power in future there is capacity but wire size from controller to battery would need to be increased accordingly. There is an argument for overspeccing but it is also possible to underspec the controller (in terms of amps) and not have problems.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. One thing to note with the Victron Smartsolar MPPT controllers is that you can set the max charge current with the bluetooth control application (android and presumably apple). I did do this on one of my Victron controllers as it is only a 30 amp controller but the input is 650w which once down to the 15v charging voltage (LTO batteries) would be quite a lot more than 30 amps on a good summer day. If you are happy to not take all of the potentially available power in summer but like to have a bit of a chance of getting something in winter then a cheaper controller is a valid option. I don't know if others do this. They probably do. Victron Smartsolar do have this function. .
  24. it seems interesting that Mersey (ex Arthur), Wye and Equus have high price tags. One wonders if this may be an estate sale with importance being placed on the assets achieving a realistic market value rather than being given away.
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