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  1. Pinterest - that's worth looking at. Thanks for your advice
  2. Thanks for that Pluto. I think you are exactly right. It is interesting - specially the bit about leaving the lee boards behind. Thanks for the web link. I am quite interested in the Thames barges and as we are now settled in East London on Limehouse cut I am becoming more interested in this general area
  3. Its definitely shocking if it has happened that quickly. I'm a bit sceptical and I suspect that the pitting may have been occuring already but not to an extent where anyone would be overly concerned. Is it the insurance company insisting on replating? Not sure if I have of right but j think the boat may be late 90s or early 00s. I may have got that totally wrong !! If i'm right there will probably be plenty of boats that age which continue on happily with similar problems because the owners only take 3rs party cover. A boat is a depreciating asset after all.
  4. Tam I assumed the topic was about narrow flights as it -seems to me- fairly clear that in a flight of broad locks the boats would tend to remain abreast. I was thinking there may have been situations where cross straps were used on narrow canals with loaded butty because of a lock being close but not close enough, if you see what I mean. As I said I don't know. BTW thanks for joining in this topic its nice to hear from someone with experience of commercial carrying
  5. I have quite a large collection of old hand forged boat hooks and windlasses and other general items which I have pulled out of the cut with the magnets. I would like to upload images of the collection to somewhere on the webnet where people would be able to see them. Wikimedia was one option I came across as a museum in Holland has uploaded quite a few boathook pictures but are there other online options which interested people would find? I'm reluctant to donate to a museum as they have a habit of putting things in boxes and nobody ever sees them. I'd rather keep them. Not interested in selling anything. My gallery has photos of some but not all of my more interesting finds. Would crt be interested in images of this sort of thing? For their archive or are they just interested in old photos Alteration edits
  6. I agree about the stern - it does look just like the barges at Dapdune wharf in Guildford Not quite the same as this one though https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=river+wey+barge&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj485yHk7fPAhUpBMAKHehbAugQ_AUIBigB#mhpiv=18
  7. Makes sense if the lock is fairly close but if it was a flight where the lock was "just round the corner" there must have been a point where it would not make sense to use a long line but tow with cross straps. I don't know - its interesting to think about the most efficient way to do it if there is another lock coming up soon but you can't reasonably keep both boats attached while operating two different locks. This is where the cross straps would come in even with a loaded boat i would have thought. All a bit too detailed I guess. Rob-M I get a bit worried when I see someone in modern trainers strapping gate closed but I see your point And his hands look much too close to the strapping post - rather dangerous IMO
  8. I liked Buzzard's version. Also (i don't know) but i would expect you would probably tow a loaded butty with cross straps if there was another lock coming up soon. No idea what the distance would be but in a flight it would not be worth towing on a long line. This may be bs as I have never looked into it closely. I know catweasels question appears to have been answered but there are lots of variations to it and I think it could be quite a long and interesting discussion. I'll get my anorak
  9. Did wonder that myself (post #12) but in the original posted by MP it does look like there is a large winch at the front - a feature of Thames barges. Did Wey barges go anywhere other than the river Wey? We went to Daprdune wharf in Guildford when we did the Wey in May this year. Its nice there. They have an old Wey barge on the land and you can walk about in it. I think the closer one is a stumpy Thames barge and the further one is a wooden horse drawn barge.
  10. Film was terrible but I identify with the Daryl character
  11. Interesting. Like Lady of the Lea? 72x13ft apparently so would fit the regents canal locks http://russiadock.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/1931-thames-barge-lady-of-lea.html?m=1
  12. Just realised the resolution is better in the original picture uploaded by MP. More details are visible than the one which I put alongside the watercolour painting because I downloaded then uploaded the original pic to get it to sit beside the one I found. Anyway its a really nice photo thanks for sharing it And now i have been looking at the original it does look a bit like a sailing barge - maybe they have lifted the leeboards off to stop them getting damaged in locks.
  13. I am a Data Analysing Robot Youth Lifeform (maybe not so much of the youth bit Spel edit
  14. I think they might be horseboats not sailing barges. No lee boards are visible. And the one closer may simply be carrying large timbers making it look like a sailing barge. Apparently this was a horse change stop which could explain why they are moored but not waiting for the lock. Thames barges are usually bigger (85x18ft or thereabouts) Possibly there were some smaller ones. The closer boat looks a bit like a wey barge
  15. I lit one of the stoves (have two on board) this morning and a few days ago as well
  16. Does previous content from them remain? I imagine it must do.
  17. Don't know about that but I think there was some culling of members on here when someone started a competing canal discussion forum Google finds the same result when "delta9 canalworld" is used as a search term. There will be others.
  18. There was some discussion on the forum ages ago about a paraffin heater called Zibro khamin or similar. Might be interesting but I don't think it is flued. My other half's parents have one as backup in their home in France - oil central heating is the main heating but I noticed a zibro in the bedroom where we sleep when we visit. Looks an interesting item.
  19. Google finds the user name as a user who is no longer active. http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showuser=15914&tab=reputation&app_tab=forums&type=received&st=15 Which leads me to believe that the user name has been deleted from the database at some point. Has this got something to do with the other place?
  20. http://www.eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk/news/heritage/east_enders_making_waves_for_grand_festival_for_regent_s_canal_s_200th_anniversary_1_4588656 (There is a watercolour painting on the newspaper web page which I think shows the same place and the chimney is in it) Looks a good match Same telegraph pole as well
  21. The building behind the chimney being the stable block which is still there. Followed by the lock cottage which is lower down.
  22. It really looks like the view from Bonner Hall bridge towards Old Ford lock on the Regents canal in Hackney. The chimney would be where the sanity station now is. I don't think they had sailing barges there so probably isn't but it really does seem similar. Canal is about 45ft wide there so if those boats are 14ft beam it works out. Vaguely
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