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  1. i had my boat done at hawne basin ,they take it out jet wash it and you have a week to do what ever you have to do .in that week we gave our boat 3 coats of 2 pac apoxy .i was told it lasts about 7 years .but i dont think i would leave it that long to do it again.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. lol ditchcrawler your a brave person using pen and paper .that made me laugh.and yes when you said the keyboard gives you a window out ,thats very very true and i agree . ditchcrawler i think you are missing some thing out here ..pens and paper yes .? dont forget the waste paper bin
  4. we all have many traits ,if thats the right word ,theres one i dont have for sure and thats sdd.and that not getting mad at any one
  5. yes i have tried spellchecker thanks ..dislexia affects people in many different ways .not that i am ashamed of it .worse things happen at sea .when i done two years at music college some tutors compared me to chauser lol .i never said blizz was not one of good guys if offended sorry .but i do bite some times and i now i should not ,i cope with this .what dont like is trying to hide behind it ,you would laugh if you knew how many times i rewrite and read over what i post on here.reads fine too me .but maybe not for others and i get that ..any way i got what i wanted thanks to canalworld folks so thanks .see ya down the cut some day soon .stay safe
  6. yes all the above all sound great deals ..but what got me was no contract ,but when you add all i have paid EE since 2007 .would they kill the cash cow ??
  7. like i said i owe you a pint thanks ,yes blackrose i hear what you are say ,but i also forgot to mention i can opt out of this new deal any time i want .and also rose i have been told many many times EE as the best unlimited as they have more masts all around the country .not that thats a good things any way but the time they are a changing .stay safe
  8. hello .well after some good advice off a couple of people, i took it all on board well living on a narrowboat i supose i would. ? well i done what .mr.chagall said and my what a vast change to my old account ,heres my old account of yesterday for those intrested ,£30 for a 1000 mins unlimited text.15 photo sends, 50 gig on the dongle .bare in mind in these lockdown times i would have to add data to the dongle at £15.99p a time and i did add data a few times even before the lockdown .so most if not every month my ee bill would come in between £30/£65.as i only had 1000 mins on my phone i went over by 205 one month 100 the next and so on ,not knowing every min over EE charge 65p a min you do the maths . .MY new bill as from this afternoon reads as follows .unlimited data .and mins and text, 50 photo sends on my phone ..1gig on my phone all for the grand total of £25, thank you mr chagall. i owe you a pint .so once again thanks all this may help some one who knows , stay safe
  9. hi i followed up with most of the advice of here today just waiting on call backs to see what deals EE come up with if any ,cheers chagall
  10. special ,meaning
  11. lol ..now i dont mind that in the least ...its the ones with malice but theres another name for them sort..im off to EE now
  12. sorry chagall i missed your advice out, thanks a lot i will be intouch with EE tomorrow thats if i can get to speak to some one as they are on limited work .due to coved 19 .and as for the threads going of piste all ways do , im not arse licking here but canalworld as been good for me in the past i have brought many things from here from brand new cooker fridge .fires lots of things in fact .and i have also helped other.s out with stuff , but i do get so pi??ed off with the wise cracks ..but hey that comes with the terrotory i do hope i have spelled that right .stay safe and thanks every one
  13. thanks for all the advice .and yes ditchcrawler thats exactly right what you said abt address and having to go to the shop to buy .three also said there is a problem with my bank card .which is not so as i had it checked out by my bank ,richard 1002 thanks also to the point you made abt EE i have been with EE since day one even when they where T/mobile and they flatly refuse me unlimited broadband .and told me they where not setting it all up maybe not till after next september .regards stay safe
  14. i never said that he said it himself ...and as for your friend ..maybe is smarter then the average bear
  15. or maybe i have a problem with the written word and english grammer
  16. funny way to write ,,could you not understand it then ...restless nomad or like you just said .you just wanted to sound smart ..i know what i would like to say to you but i would most likely get band from here .....ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT THAT
  17. thanks guys and girls for the info ...like i said we are going with ,three .but there is a issue with them at the moment caused by these awful times .and i have got to wait for the three shop open to collect my box router .what ever i it is ,comes at £22 a month . thanks and stay safe
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. hi ever one ,does any one have unlimited broadband ,i have the yellow dongle with ee at the moment, and over the years had a few hiccups but over all not to bad .but ee dont do unlimited at moment .i have been in contact with .three .but i am having a problem buying unlimited off three .as they seem to having a problem with my address ,and i have to wait for there shop to open ,so i can get fixed up ...what are guys and girls using or recommend thanks stay safe
  20. hear hear here here . yer he seems to do a lot of that on canalworld .we are all not so well blessed with good grammer or spelling .sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ..stay safe every one
  21. and your point is bizzard
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. its saying there as been comments in the last couple of hours on this thread .but they dont appear here ,,,
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