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    Boats of all kinds. Used to own Humber Keel Barge for 24 yrs cruised extensively on wider canals and tidal rivers, now have a narrow boat.

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  1. WE HAVE NOW RETIRED FROM ALL BOAT MOVING ACTIVITIES. THANK YOU TO ALL CUSTOMERS & FRIENDS. See you around the Inland waterways, enjoying retirement on-board our own nb. Always happy to mentor new boaters looking to research, 0r buy a first narrowboat. WE DO NOT RUN A BUSINESS & DO NOT CHARGE FOR SHARING OUR 43 years boating experience. Everything we discuss with you online is 100% confidential. Contact us by email (apaws4chat@gmail.com) Linda & Don
  2. Lindapaws


  3. I dont know if it is attached or not yet but the guy is coming to fit it this week so I could let you know if your interested?
  4. Dont you have the gauze on your K1 Mike? Yes it should be just below the oil cap. My K2 used to be a stand by engine in a light house and wasn't used that much, but when it was decommissioned it was minus the gauze cone. We are having one built by Catapillar, (not sure on the spelling) as they agreed to help me out as this boater works for them.
  5. The oil is not in the rocker box it is escaping from the oil cap and spraying the exterior of the Kelvin engine. Another boater came to look at it and diagnosed getting this gauze cone made to capture the oil mist under the cap. I am not an expert by any means, I was instructed to ask the initial question, apologies if I did not word it very well - but I am not familiar with the workings of the K2. It works fine and is very economical on diesel, just got an oil problem.
  6. THe gardner engine is now sold. Gardner engine has been sold.
  7. Thanks for your response N, we are getting a fine gauze shaped like an ice cream cone to catch the fine mist of oil. Information came from another 2 cylinder Kelvin boater.
  8. Hi we have just bought a narrow boat with a vintage K2 engine. I was interested to read a previous topic from Dave about the oil wicks. The wick was not in use on our engine when we bought it & we would appreciate any positive comments as to how it should be positioned? like how far does the wick protrude into the engine? Thanks for any help Cheers Don
  9. I have a Gardner 4LK marinised boat engine for sale, comes with 2 alternators & PRM gearbox already fitted on engine bearers ready to be installed into your own narrowboat. All Gardner logos & dials. Re-built by ex. Manchester Works Chief Engineer to exceptional high standard. This is a very Bling Show piece engine. I originally bought to fit into my own new narrow boat build, but due to ill health that no longer became possible & now I need to sell on £14,000 Lots and lots of photos available together with full Service History and Log Book of all new parts used throughout the build. Buyer to collect from Hucknall, Nottingham (Junction 27 off M1 Motorway) Contact Don for viewing & photos, as (I do not know how to post photos on the forum) or for further details ring Tel: 07973460482.
  10. Hi, Retired Husband & Wife Team - offer to move Your Boats Safely within the Inland Waterways, UK. My husband is RYA certified to move all vessels, and we have 30 years experience of living onboard boats within the Inland Waterways. We started with fibreglass cruisers in the 70s and progressed onto narrowboats and now we have a 71 foot x 19 foot Humber Keel Barge, which we have lived onboard for 25 years which we have cruised extensively on rivers and wide canals.. We can move Your boat solo, or with You on board for holidays, or moving your boat after you have purchased it and return to home moorings. If you want peace of mind that your boat will arrive safely, give us a call or email - (apaws4chat@gmail.com)
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