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  1. 2 minutes ago, Hudds Lad said:

    I've been known to do like the hi-vis chap if the gate is closed on the Narrow, no hefty battery etc. on my bike so easy as pie, did see a chap copy me once who slipped and dropped his steed in :D 

    Is the gap at the left side not capable of letting a bike through?   If not what is its purpose?

  2. On 16/11/2023 at 18:46, captain flint said:

    Thanks, I did not know this, makes sense and good to know..

    You also said: "People who are too disorganised to get involved in claims for state assistance when they are eligible should not be living on boats in the first [...]. This type of person should be looked after by the state rather than being the responsibility of the navigation authority.

    I do not disagree with this but I think I am right in saying that people suffering ADHD do not qualify for disability allowance, so there might be a question mark over whether that actually happens in reality. Really acute sufferers can really struggle, although it may be that the right diagnosis and meds can help them, enough, I don't know

    My youngest daughter has ADHD (among other problems) you are right it doesn't count as a disability.  Even before the medication she managed to qualify with a degree and diploma despite dyslexia being one of the other problems.


    So ADHD isn't a disability it is something sufferers learn to live with and work round.  She now holds down a job requiring quite a degree of responsibility and autonomy.


    The meds did improve her day to day life considerably but they are now in short supply nationally.

  3. 7 minutes ago, MartynG said:

    That's been the case for some time. 

    So it will be more of the same 'pay more and receive less'.


    Probably but at least we can hope that with more cash the managed decline will be a bit slower.


    Incidentally, we are paying more for less in all sorts of ways in everyday life from council tax for fewer services through to snacks shrinking in size while increasing in price.   It seems unavoidable in today's world.

  4. On 24/11/2023 at 09:06, Alan de Enfield said:

    If it is any help according to the V5 (log book)  the 'status' of my "Motorhome', 'Camper Van', 'Motorised Snail' is :


    Motor Caravan






    A caravan is a structure which is designed or adapted for human habitation and is capable of being moved from one place to another.[1] This does not include railway rolling stock or tents.

    This definition covers a broad range of movable structures, including traditional caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and adapted static railway carriages. A houseboat, which consisted of a caravan on a float (known as a Hartford Houseboat) was held to meet the statutory definition of a caravan. The caravan could be towed and removed but the float could not. [2]




    Whilst looking up the legal definition of a caravan I stumbled across this 'little gem' on the "Shelter" website :


    Last updated: 22 March 2023

    A person is legally homeless if they live in a movable structure such as a caravan, mobile home or houseboat, and there is nowhere where they have permission to put it and live in it (s.175(2)(b) Housing Act 1996.)


    Which would suggest that CCers are 'legally' homeless, as the boat licence is not a 'permission to moor'




    One should be quite careful about 'rocking the boat' as many camper DIY panel van conversions have never had their V5 status changed from 'VAN' to "MOTOR CARAVAN".


    It is illegal to use a "VAN" for 'living accomodation' and amongst other things it 'affects' your insurance.

    My late cabinet making friend converted his long wheelbase Land Rover into a "Campervan" and they wouldn't change the classification because being single he only incorporated a small flat surface for eating off.  That didn't count as a table so it wasn't allowed to be classed as a motor caravan.

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  5. 10 hours ago, system 4-50 said:

    We are overpopulated.  We are unable to grow enough food to feed ourselves despite highly intensive methods that make no allowance for the varying climate that this country is known to have had in the past.  We can import stuff now but this will not always be true.  The standards for housing have been watered down so they are smaller.   Our population density makes no allowance for the vast areas of our country that nobody wants to live in.  We have insufficient wealth-creating industries to absorb extra workers but we are highly skilled in developing service industries that drain resources.   We are going to seed, with the decline in living standards that goes with it, and its only going to get worse.  We are going to be poorer and poorer.  

    I think the last time we were able to feed ourselves was in the 18th century so it isn't a new phenomenon.  


    The population then was around 6,500,000

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Markblox said:

    It was a bridge keeper but I would welcome that because although I have given scant details as to what happened, partly because that is not the point of the post, every detail I have given is true.  As I said at the beginning, it was six of one and half a dozen of the other and I'm not the type of person to go running to the police when it's a 50/50.  Either there is evidence to corroborate what I have said or there is no evidence, but I will not respond to any more of these posts which tbh are simply speculation on what isn't the subject matter of the post. Sorry.

    IMO unless you were daft enough to use violence against violence it isn't running to the police it is using the law of the land against uncivilised behaviour.

  7. 20 minutes ago, CruisingRobin said:

    It's certainly a subject in question.  My current thinking is to put a toe in the water with a 1/24th share, but only if the two weeks can be taken as a single block.  That may be a deal killer for most syndicates.  If we could swing that, we'd continue to hire the other two-week block of the year.

    It may not be a deal killer as some syndicates have fixed weeks.  So it would be a case of finding such a syndicate and seeing what was possible.

  8. 3 hours ago, cuthound said:

    Today we found these small footprints, which seem to start and end by the gap between the boat and the bank.


    Could they be otter prints?


    For scale the paving slabs are 600mm x 600mm.


    I can't tell much from the photo on my computer but, assuming the killer is used to being in water that IMO means Otter or Mink.


    Guessing at the scale I am thinking Mink.  Mature Otter prints are roughly 6x6cm and Mink 3x3cm.  Obviously, this varies with the individual's age, maturity, etc.

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  9. 20 minutes ago, Sea Dog said:


    I could make you a sign that made it look a whole lot better than that. What would you like, 76%? 87%? ;)

    Looking at a few things


    a) the sign goes up and down, surely if you were making a sign to fool people you wouldn't change it regularly and above all not make large jumps up and down


    b) our recycling centre is bigger than either the one my daughter uses in Sheffield or the other daughter in Edinburgh.   No appointments or "prove who you are".   It is always busy often you have to park 2 deep.


    Personally, I can believe their figures, but then again I am not a cynic.

  10. 1 hour ago, DHutch said:

    Or local tip recycling centre (Veolia, Bidston) has a LED display at the end of the queue to get in which proudly displays that they manage to recycle less than half of what turns up to the site....



    ....apparently this year it fell again, from 35% ten years ago to now only being 30%...     ... the target was 50% by 2020!



    Ours has never fallen below 60% and currently stands at 67%

  11. To have the abbreviations as an acronym would be wonderful rather than having to say ell-bee-tee-cue-cue-eye-A-A-pee.


    In case anyone has forgotten an acronym is an abbreviation that can be said as a word e.g. NATO

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  12. 33 minutes ago, wandering said:

    He is trying to do 'his own thing' by finding others like him? Why is "doing your own thing" basically code for "be just like the rest of us"? The subtle intolerance of Brits never ceases to impress me. The veneer of friendliness falls away with barely as much as a bump.  You can't understand because presumably you're not gay. That's OK. Gay people look for other gays because we're a minority and not everything has to be understood by you (frankly, I find a lot of heterosexual behaviour downright bizarre and will never understand it myself but each to their own) and that's also OK. No help mixing with 'all walks of life' if none of them want to have a relationship with you. Seeking out other gay men increases the likelihood of that happening. Why do you think gay bars and the like exist? The man is asking if there are other gays around the north, not segregating himself like some homosexual shut in. 

    To me "do your own thing" is the exact opposite of "be just like the rest of us".   It is to do what you want within the law and morality i.e doing your own thing doesn't allow armed robbery rape etc.

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